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CAPI is a standardized API (programming interface) for accessing all features of ISDN hardware.
It was designed to support ISDN software to run on ISDN hardware frpm arbitary Vendors.

Each Vendor just has to provide a CAPI driver for his hardware, and all software could use it.

CAPI development started in 1989 as a collaboration of the german ISDN manufacturers AVM, Systec, Stollmann.
In 1991 they formed CAPI Association e.V. and further Vendors joined, like the german Bundespost (today Telekom).

The current version of the specification is CAPI 2.0 5th Edition (2009) and consists of 4 parts.
These cover 1) Standard / 2) Operating Systems / 3) Supplementary Services / 4) Interoperability.

For their ISDN+DSL-Cards AVM mainly offered CAPI drivers for Windows, for some models also for MS-DOS, Linux, Netware
and OS2. See the ISDN-Drivers overview.


In FRITZ!OS all kinds if Telephony internally uses CAPI.


For early FRITZ!OS AVM used their Linux ISDN-Drivers for the FRITZ!Card Classic (passive) and ISDN-Controller B1 (active):

For a short time they added a CAPI4Linux driver:

For the 5188 they used a CAPI-over-UDP remote CAPI driver:

Today they use:


For some older models AVM added:

The main CAPI interface was and is libcapi20:

Current OS parts which use libcapi20:

Older dependencies to libcapi20:


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