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BoxMatrix disclaimers[edit]

Brands and Trademarks[edit]

  • FRITZ!Box and the FRITZ! brand are registered trademarks of AVM GmbH, Berlin, Germany.
  • This site is not related to AVM in any way.
  • All company names, trademarks and registered trademarks are used for identificational purposes only and are the property of their respective owners.

Development and Modding[edit]

  • All modification techniques referred here are to be used at your own risk.
  • Any harm you may do to yourself or to others by following any of the instructions provided here is at your very own risk and responsibility.
  • Make sure you own the device you modify.
  • Make sure the specific technique is legal and compatible in your country (like WLAN transmission power and channels used or ADSL Annex).
  • Ask someone with better technical understanding if in doubt. The internet is a helpful community. You can also try our IRC-Channels.

Precision of Information[edit]

  • While you may find information here you don't find elsewhere remember this is ongoing research.
  • Infos may be a temporary scratchpad of partial truth, but they may as well be absolutely wrong (for the moment).
  • If you find mistakes then please report them.

Research Tools[edit]

  • All "in depth" information in this Wiki has been gathered using a Linux Shell and a bunch of tools:
  • Perl - the Perfect Extraction and Research Language ;-)
  • The common stream processors grep, sed, awk, sort, uniq.
  • The common helpers modinfo, ldd, nm and the like.
  • No decompilation or disassembly was necessary to gather any of the information provided here.