If you like BoxMatrix then please contribute Supportdata, Supportdata2, Firmware and/or Hardware (get in touch).
My metamonk@yahoo.com is not reachable by me since years. Please use hippie2000@webnmail.de instead.


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Please contribute![edit]

Many many people have helped to make this project possible, see the Credits.

How you can help[edit]

We are still in need for further help. The following is an unfinished list of how you can help:


While all static parts of the Firmware are the same for every user the dynamic part in RAM differs a lot.
Many files appear depending on how a box is used, which features are enabled, which peripherals are connected, etc.
That is why we need Supportdata-Probes, the more the better, to fill the gaps, since everybody has different settings.

If you are willing to help with uncensored real life usage supportdata of original firmware then please get in touch.
These probes don't contain any sensitive data since AVM replaces all login account information with "secret".
They will be kept private and anonymous and are scanned to fill several sections of this Wiki.

The Network-Interfaces list is a good example why the probes need to be uncensored.
The supportdata scanner compares the MAC addresses of the Bootloader-Environment with the addresses of each interface.
This relation will appear in the Wiki, but none of the addresses.

Please provide both normal and extended supportdata for models which allow this selection.

An overview of currently scanned and missing supportdata can be found in the Config-Research section.
Even if a probe is already present send another one! There can not be any doubles, everyone has different settings.

All probes are sorted into a model directory tree and no relation to the person who contributed it is recorded, they are anonymous.


Many infos not yet present in this Wiki could not be gathered from the Firmware or from supportdata.
That is why a large collection of hardware is required to acquire the missing info manually.

This is a pretty complicated task, since the info must be gathered from original unmodified Firmware.
Many old models are already present in the collection, and nearly no recent ones. A list will appear here.