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This page lists all curretly 385 aliases, most of which could be used in our IRC-Channels. Most of them have been collected by FritzBot, our first bot developed by the channel regular Suchiman, who had the brilliant idea for this very handy and daily useful alias function. See the Alias-Database commands.


Aliases are virtual user definable commands to extend the FritzBot builtin commands.
Like all FritzBot-Emu commands they are called with a prepended exclamation mark (!).


Aliases can use $1 to $99 representing the splitted arguments or $x representing all arguments passed to the alias.
Arguments can be URL-encoded using the encode() function. This is useful for Search-Aliases:


Search-Aliases require an argument and create dynamic links to search services containing the passed query.


Bookmark-Aliases create one or more static links and are reminders to not forget the respective URLs.


Textual-Aliases record text snippets to replay frequently required citations or Charset encoding tests, or plain nonsense.


Command-Aliases are aliases to aliases or to builtin FritzBot commands.
Some do not work yet, since the target commands are not implemented yet!


Information is currently being retrieved from the backend.