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This is a quick scratchpad for stuff noticed when working with Freetz.

Freetz Findings-List[edit]

rrdstats: permit more network interfaces than 4.
14 months ago | Hippie2000 | Permalink
Replace kernel should be below compile for alien hardware in menuconfig to have a complete model selection block first
14 months ago | Hippie2000 | Permalink
In the warning block I mean.
14 months ago | Hippie2000 | Permalink

Alien 7330_7320 replace kernel reports:

generating modules.dep
unresolved symbol crypto_alloc_shash in file /lib/modules/
unresolved symbol crypto_shash_update in file /lib/modules/
WARNING: Unresolved symbols detected, not all AVM-features may work.
No current sources by AVM? Error in kernel's .config? Ask fritzbox_info@avm.de for sources!

This is a known dependency problem also in avm firmware:

See "unmet dependencies" in libcrc32c.ko.

The kernel runs fine.
14 months ago | Hippie2000 | Permalink
Pages which require javascript to work should have a noscript warning, like update.cgi
14 months ago | Hippie2000 | Permalink
For 7320 and 7320_7330 the passwd applet obviously messes the login. SSH login with freetz works but saving a new pw makes subsequent logins impossible. The only workaround is to ctrl-c when asked for a new password and freetz will continue to work.
14 months ago | Hippie2000 | Permalink

The original shadow file from var.tar:

nobody:!:0:0:99999:7::: root:$1$$zO6d3zi9DefdWLMB.OHaO.:12332:0:99999:7:::

After logging in an using freetz as the new password:


14 months ago | Hippie2000 | Permalink


  • Ctrl-C before typing in a new password will preserve the default
  • Using Rudi-Shell to restore the default password:
cd / && tar xvf var.tar ./var/tmp/shadow
14 months ago | Hippie2000 | Permalink

After ctrl-c on default login this works:

passwd -a dec

Creates this working shadow file:

14 months ago | Hippie2000 | Permalink

vnstat all interfaces fails on lan:0 emergency ip if:

Starting VNstat ... failed.
Error: Unable to read database "/var/lib/vnstat/lan:0": No such file or directory
Error: Unable to get interface "lan:0" statistics.
Only available interfaces can be added for monitoring.

The following interfaces are currently available:
fritzbox lo acc0 vlan_master0 (1000 Mbit) eth_udma0 eth_udma1 eth0 (65535 Mbit) eth1 (1000 Mbit) eth2 (1000 Mbit) eth3 (65535 Mbit) adsl ppptty ing0 lan guest wifi0 wifi1 ath0 guest4 ath1 guest5
Is your USB-device yet available?
14 months ago | Hippie2000 | Permalink
rrdstats fails on 6490 internal (­mmcblk0p9) storage
14 months ago | Hippie2000 | Permalink
rrdstats fails on 7530 internal (ubi0_3) and webdav (https:/­/­sd2dav.1und1.de) storage
14 months ago | Hippie2000 | Permalink
remove support should have an option to keep support.lua, since it has more functions than only supportdata.
14 months ago | Hippie2000 | Permalink