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BoxMatrix export interfaces[edit]


BoxMatrix is intended to help developers and open source projects covering the (partially) open source AVM projects.

That's why you are welcome tho reuse information found here, but have a look at the Copyrights before.

Especially images need special care before reusing them, not all are free.

The textual content is covered by two free licenses. You can copy and paste whatever text you find useful to your project
if it's also free content, but be kind and link back to the page where you found the infos.
Information provided here changes daily, and a link back is a proper and easy attribution.

There are several interfaces to export information from here:

Aggregated News[edit]

Changes to most databases of the News sections are forwarded in realtime to:

Please get in touch before you reuse this data stream in public.


The main software of this Wiki is MediaWiki which also drives Wikipedia and numerous other Wikis.
MediaWiki has some export interfaces to access the content which has been entered using the article edit forms:

  • You can export the textual content using the Export pages interface
  • You can query the MediaWiki API using a rich set of actions.

However, this will only be useful for articles like this one. Most articles consist of templates which query databases:

Semantic MediaWiki[edit]

Semantic MediaWiki (short: SMW) is an extension to MediaWiki which allows to mark parts of Wiki text as machine readable data.
This data (called semantic annotations or properties) could be queried on other pages so it doesn't have to be repeated.

This Wiki uses SMW on many pages, the semantic data has its own export and query interfaces:

The property names you could query for are listed at the bottom of each model page in the Fact-Box section.
Note that this Wiki is entirely case sensitive.

This Wiki was started half a decade ago using at this time recent SMW, using variable / property names which were legal back then.
Unfortunately SMW did not have a stable syntax and started to forbid characters for property names which were previously valid.

This nearly rendered all work void when migrating to recent SMW, because the . (dot) character was subsequently declared reserved.
In recent SMW the dot represents a property chain (like OOP dot usage) which collided with half of all property names used here.
Since these names mostly are filenames from FRITZ!OS this would have caused a complete rewrite from scratch of this Wiki.

To keep names like ar7.cfg or support.lua working SMW had to be modified to remove this lack of syntax stability.
So before you reuse semantic exports replace the dot character with some character not yet declared illegal by syntax redesign.
A configurable reserved character + had to be enabled too (ie: for ADSL2+), however, this is compatible with unmodified recent SMW.