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This section collects links to an unpacked browsable collection of partially extracted AVM-Tarballs. Each of the root folders listed below has a linux-<version> subfolder containing the Kernel, and a packages subfolder containing all packages used in FRITZ!OS. Host tools like gcc, buildroot and gdb have been omitted to save space.

Additionally 8,559 articles have automated GPL-Browser sections to quickly locate their respective source if it's present in the tree below, like the BusyBox-Commands, Linux-Commands, Shared-Libraries, Kernel-Modules and Kernel-Config variables. See busybox, libc.so and mtdblock.ko as examples. A powerful tool for research.


Daily updated index of all Tarballs unpacked to the GPL-Browser. Last update: 2024-02-22 05:04 GMT.
The Browse column lists the respective subdirectory of the gpl.boxmatrix.info service.
The SoC column lists the Chip-Codenames, the Model column lists the nicks of the Box-Models.
The Diff column links the comparison of the AVM Kernel to the pristine original from Kernel.org.
The Download column links the full tarball the respective directory content is extracted from.

zzzz-none-000 contains pristine kernels from the kernel.org archive, which are used to create the Diffs above.
Besides this it contains a collection of packages from sources which are named in 000-from.txt files per folder.

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packages/make for:

  • bcm63-7530ax-731
  • falcon-5590-729
  • hawkeye-5590-729
  • jet-2400-727
  • maple-7510-730


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