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Trac is a project management server software, which contains a Wiki, bug report ticket system, source code browser, and much more. Besides this it can be a frontend to a SVN-Server and can manage patches attached to tickets, etc. Until the fork to Github Freetz was developed using Trac. Many people contributed with tickets, discussion about new features of FRITZ!OS, attached configs and logs, or even patches to be checked in. Many discussions contained links to threads or specific postings in the hardly searchable IPPF-Forum. All this valuable information got lost with the Github-only fork. That's why there is a full backup of the passed Freetz Trac here, which starts as the Trac of the freetz-ng fork.

The Freetz-org fork is unmaintained since 2021-05-26. Its last maintainer Er13 recommends using Freetz-ng.[1]

The freetz-ng fork moved from Github to BoxMatrix, the first fork master here. freetz-ng is intended to be open for collaborative development. A good chance for a return of an actively maintained community driven and up to date Freetz is now here. If you are a coder please help to let the old pride of Freetz return. The master on our SVN-Server is working and our Trac-Server is now open for registration, so independency of 3rd party services completely returned here. You can either checkout the latest revision of freetz-ng here or relocate all your old SVN based Freetz builds. The ticket system is up and running and bug reports, patches or feature requests are welcome.

BoxMatrix Trac-Server[edit]

The BoxMatrix Trac-Server is a replacement server for the passed Freetz Trac and its forks.

As a first step the freetz-ng trac is implemented, to have proper commit URLs for all forks in the Freetz-News etc.

After registering you may create and comment tickets for Freetz-ng, comment topics in the blog and much more.


The Wiki part is not yet decided completely.

Current plans are to host and maintain the english Wiki, because BoxMatrix is intended to be international, and to link the german Wiki from freetz.org.

For simple editing and maximum features the hosted Wiki may be transfered to the MediaWiki software which also drives Boxmatrix.


Big thanks to Olistudent for providing the latest backup of the passed Trac server, and to Cuma for providing the latest backup of the passed SVN-Server.


A backup of the old Trac can be found at archive.org.

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