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BoxMatrix copyrights[edit]

Wiki content[edit]

The textual part is all content which was written using the MediaWiki edit form, plus some stuff added by edit bots.
This part is (C) Ralf Steines aka Hippie2000 and is dual licensed under:

The Wiki text contains semantic annotations (machine readable data) which simplifies reusage of data across articles
This semantic data is partly derived from our databases, and inherits the above copyright.

There are several interfaces to export content.


There are no plans for an interface to directly export the databases.
If you need subsets of the data which could not be queried using one of the export interfaces then get in touch.
Explain what you want to do with the data and maybe you get a daily updated exporter for your needs.


All images have their own per item licenses which may differ from the above.

Read the license information on each image description page for details.

See the Images by Copyright section for an image license overwiew.

Attention: Some images are nonfree or usage is restricted.