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One of the most powerful features for diagnosis is the ability of all Linux based AVM devices to create supportdata. Supportdata is a huge text file which includes information aquired from numerous sources of the running live system. It was designed as a tool for the AVM support but went a valuable source of information for everybody interested in the internals of FRITZ!OS. Please get in touch and contribute real life usage uncensored supportdata. Thanks! It will not be released to the public but scanned and anonymized as you can verify below.


Data collected from supportdata[edit]

Supportdata helps to get some insight about the dynamic part of the FRITZ!OS.
This is very difficult since everybody activates other features, so masses are needed for clean results.
So far these lists are extracted from supportdata probes, each entry with a per model reference:

AVM-Environment comes from 2 sources, only supportdata variables not found in firmware are counted here.
Supportdata is also one of the scan inputs for the HWR-Names, to fill the gaps.

How to create supportdata[edit]

This list shows how many Probes were collected so far and which model can create supportdata by which method.
The Extend column show how many of the Probes are extended supportdata probes.
The method --- means the supportdata script is missing or there was no firmware to scan (some cable models).
The method lua means support.lua could be used to create supportdata from the Webinterface.
The method html means support.html could be used to create supportdata from the Webinterface.
The remaining models could only create supportdata from the shell by calling supportdata >support.txt.
The method telnet means the telnetd link is present and you can activate telnet to get shell access.
The method bbox means the link is missing but you can call busybox telnetd to run the server (ie: from a pseudo update).
The worst method console means busybox lacks the telnetd applet and you have to use the serial console.
Please help and send more recent or missing supportdata! Thanks.
Note that recent firmware does not permit direct login at support.lua any more, it redirects to the main page.
You have use the FRITZ!Box Support link at the bottom of the Contents page of the Webinterface.

Missing Supportdata

The data in many articles is incomplete due to missing Supportdata-Probes for the models listed below.
If you own any of these models and would like to help then please get in touch.




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