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Before most people started to communicate in web forums and social media IRC was the prefered way to chat in realtime, and many people still use it. In early FRITZ!Box days we met in an over administered german channel on IRCnet until we found our peace on freenode.net and now libera.chat, where you can find us day by day.


IRC is one of the oldest methods of text based realtime chat. Clients exist for nearly every platform. IRC is not owned by a company and thus can never be switched off just because a company dies or shuts down a service.

There are many IRC networks on this planet, each one typically consisting of multiple servers located around the world, which are connected to each other. You can connect to any of these servers and you can chat with everybody on the same network. In Germany the most famous network is IRCnet, for open source developers it was freenode, and now is libera.


We do not actively use IRCnet any more since more than 10 years.


Freenode is a 20 years old network for open source developers and related projects. The freenode servers are spread across 3 continents. Freenode has many advantages over other networks. It is accessible via SSL, IPv6, tor or a webchat form. You can register your nickname and it will be protected. You can register a channel and you own it. Freenode runs channels for many famous projects, from apache to wikipedia. The round robin server is chat.freenode.net.


Due to changes in the Freenode organisation in early 2021 moving the network in commercial hands[1] most of the staff left Freenode and founded Libera Chat on 2021-05-19, a swedish non profit organisation. Many important projects like apache and wikipedia already moved over or are in progress of moving[2][3][4]. The features of Libera are pretty much the same as on Freenode. You can register your nickname and it will be protected. The round robin server is irc.libera.chat.

On 2021-06-15 Freenode completely wiped all channel and nickname databases and calls it a "new genesis"[5] and "draining the swamp"[6]. Others call it a suicide of the network and its communities[7]. Others state it's a matter of sex and drugs and alcohol[8]. In fact Freenode is no longer a predictable and serious network,

To meet us come over to libera.chat.



In 2012-02-22 we created this channel on freenode and settled over from IRCnet, on 2021-05-19 also on Libera. Note the double ## in the channel name, which means it is an "about" channel. This is freenode and libera policy. FRITZ!Box is a registered trademark and only its owner AVM would be allowed to run a #fritzbox channel there.

This channel is intended for international linkup of the pretty germany biased information in the net. The primary languages of the channel are english and german. However, since most regulars come from Germany we speak a lot of german language in there. Talk in english whenever you want, most of us speak english.

Please be patient if you join. Ask your question or just stay and idle until someone has time. You will always get a response, if possible directly. It may as well take a while since people may be away from keyboard doing real life stuff.

Starting in summer 2018 freenode was victim of a massive spam attack, flooding all channels with dirt. Since then in most channels only users with registered nicknames have voice and can speak. This is an uncomfortable barrier, but it's the only way to keep the network usable. If you are new and just have a short question you can ask hippie2000 (sometimes called hippie20001) by pm for temporary voice in the channel.

On Libera also unregistered users have voice in ##fritzbox for now. This will change if there are spam attacks.


Since 2018-09-26 we have a news channel on freenode moderated by BoxMatrix, since 2021-05-24 also on Libera. Moderated means that noone gets voice in this channel besides the bot and its maintainer, the channel is read only. You don't need a registered nickname to join or read the news, since you don't get voice anyway. Use ##fritzbox for discussion. The backlog of automated ##fritznews postings is listed in the RSS-Feeds section.

This channel receives the changes of most subsections of our News section, covering:

  • Wiki-Blog - recent changes to the BoxMatrix project - 3-hourly
  • Fritz-News - recent news and press releases - daily
  • News-Feeds - recent news from 67 monitored feeds - 3-hourly
  • Labor-Feeds - recent news from the labor feeds - 3-hourly
  • Labor-Pages - changed or new labor websites - 6-hourly
  • Labor-Files - new labor downloads - 6-hourly
  • Security-News - latest security and hotfix news - 6-hourly
  • Update-News - recent news from the update news page - 3-hourly
  • Download-News - recent uploads to AVM servers - daily / 6-hourly
  • Website-News - recent added or modified webpages - daily
  • Video-News - new videos from 17 monitored video feeds - 3-hourly
  • Icecat-News - changed or added datasheets in the Icecat product catalog - daily
  • Freetz-News - recent changes to all Freetz forks - 3-hourly
  • OSS-News - recent activity of open source projects - 3-hourly
  • 4free-News - free private giveaways of AVM hardware - 3-hourly
  • OpenWRT-Info - new articles on the OpenWRT / LEDE / Gluon / Wiki|Devi and TechinfoDepot sites - daily
  • Trac-Blog - blog postings on our Trac-Server - 3-hourly


This channel was registered 2012-02-26 when we moved from IRCnet to Freenode but was not used the first 7 years, since 2021-05-23 it is also present on Libera. The old channel in IRCnet was mainly used by developers and a bot posted the timeline of the old Trac in the pride times of Freetz. This service returned, for both major freetz forks. Unlike the read only channel ##fritznews #freetz is also open for discussion, however, we mostly discuss in ##fritzbox. The backlog of automated #freetz postings is listed in the RSS-Feeds section.

Currently these news are posted to #freetz:


See the IRC-Bots page.