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FritzBot-Emu is the successor project of the now retired FritzBot. It will attempt to reimplement some of its functionality in BoxMatrix-Bot. All implemented functionality is intended to behave as it did in FritzBot.

This is work in progress and in a pretty early stage!

FritzBot-Emu can respond to commands from within the channel or via private message to BoxMatrix-Bot,

All FritzBot-Emu commands start with an exclamation mark !.


One of the most powerful features of FritzBot-Emu is the FritzBot-Aliases database.
Aliases are virtual user defined commands. In FritzBot everyone was allowed to define or modify aliases.
For security reasons FritzBot-Emu will only provide read only access to the FritzBot-Aliases.
Once an alias is defined it could be called like every other command !<aliasname>.
Curretly there are 385 aliases in the FritzBot-Aliases database, a few don't work yet due to missing target commands.

alias find[edit]

Searches the FritzBot-Aliases for an entry containing the search term.
Lists all aliases containing the term in their name or definition.

  • Usage: !alias find <search term>
  • Short: !a find <search term>
  • Examples:
ChanUser: !a find tr064
BoxMatrix: Matching aliases: tr064, c#064.

alias info[edit]

Show creator and definition of a previously defined alias.

  • Usage: !alias info <aliasname>
  • Short: !a info <aliasname>
  • Examples:
ChanUser: !a info b
BoxMatrix: Created 2019-01-02 by hippie2000  -  definition: http://www.bing.com/search?q=encode($x)


Information about FritzBot-Emu and its health.


Prints a short introduction of FritzBot-Emu.

  • Usage: !about
  • Examples:
ChanUser: !about
BoxMatrix: FritzBot-Emu in BoxMatrix Research Bot by Hippie2000, 
           original FritzBot by Suchiman. 
           5 commands, 385 aliases  -  https://boxmatrix.info/wiki/FritzBot-Emu


Print the local time and date in Berlin.
Zeit is the german word for time.

  • Usage: !date
  • German: !zeit
  • Examples:
ChanUser: !date
BoxMatrix: Local time in Berlin:  2024-04-28 23:53:44  =  2024-04-28 21:53:44 GMT


Test whether FritzBot-Emu is alife.

  • Usage: !ping
  • Examples:
ChanUser: !ping
BoxMatrix: Pong ChanUser


Print information about the system FritzBot-Emu is running on.

  • Usage: !sys
  • Examples:
ChanUser: !sys
BoxMatrix: Running on:  Linux 4.14.280-gentoo #3 SMP Mon Jun 27 14:41:00 CEST 2022 x86_64 GNU/Linux


Print the time passed since FritzBot-Emu was started.

  • Usage: !uptime
  • Examples:
ChanUser: !uptime
BoxMatrix: Running since:  14 minutes and 30 seconds