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This is an index of acquisitions, parentship and affiliations across the Companies named in this Wiki, reverse sorted by the date of completion. Currently 46 companies affected by acquisitions are covered. Note that this is no business relation reference directory but just a list of simplified vectors.


Company acquisitions sorted by date, most recent acquisition listed first. FIXME: The sorting fails for companies witjh multiple acquisitions.

LinearcompletelyAnalog2016-07-26Analog Devices and Linear Technology to Combine
PericomcompletelyDiodes2015-11-25Diodes Incorporated Completes Acquisition of Pericom Semiconductor
LantiqcompletelyIntel2015-02-02Intel to Acquire Lantiq; Advancing the Connected Home
VersatelcompletelyUnited Internet2014-09-03United Internet acquires 100% of Versatel shares
RFMDmerged intoQorvo2014-02-24RFMD and TriQuint to Combine, Creating a New Leader in RF Solutions
KDcompletelyVodafone2013-10-14Germany : VODAFONE acquires KABEL DEUTSCHLAND for $10.4 billion.
SMSCcompletelyMicrochip2012-08-02Microchip Technology and SMSC Announce the Completion of the Acquisition of SMSC
KBWformedUMKBW2012-06-01Unitymedia KabelBW – Zusammenschluss vollzogen
UMformedUMKBW2012-06-01Unitymedia KabelBW – Zusammenschluss vollzogen
NAND Flash facilities
Intel, ST flash joint venture Numonyx officially launches
Intel, Micron Update NAND Flash Memory Joint Venture
NationalcompletelyTI2011-09-23Texas Instruments completes acquisition of National Semiconductor
ZorancompletelyCSR2011-08-31CSR and Zoran combine to create a leading provider of platforms and solutions
SiGecompletelySkyworks2011-06-10Skyworks Closes Acquisition of Mobile Data Connectivity Innovator SiGe Semiconductor
SiTelcompletelyDialog2011-02-10Dialog Semiconductor to Acquire SiTel, a Leading Supplier of Wireless Connectivity and VoIP ICs
InfineonWireline Communications Business
Wireless Solutions Business
Golden Gate
Infineon to sell Wireline Communications Business to U.S. Investor
Intel Completes Acquisition of Infineon’s Wireless Solutions Business
AtheroscompletelyQualcomm2011-01-05Qualcomm to Acquire Atheros, Leader in Connectivity & Networking Solutions
MicrotunecompletelyZoran2010-12-01Zoran Corporation Completes the Acquisition of Microtune, Inc.
TIDSL CPE Business
Cable Modem Unit
Infineon Acquires Texas Instruments' DSL CPE Business
Intel to Acquire Texas Instruments' Cable Modem Unit
T-Homemerged intoTelekom2010-04-01T-Mobile ist jetzt Telekom!
NumonyxcompletelyMicron2010-02-10Micron to acquire Numonyx for $1.27 billion
SSTcompletelyMicrochip2010-02-03Silicon Storage Technology to be Acquired by Microchip Technology
HanseNetcompletelyTelefónica2009-11-06Telefónica buys Hansenet for €900 million
Golden GateformedLantiq2009-11-06Infineon completes the sale of Wireline business; Lantiq becomes a stand alone company
FreenetDSL Internet Access BusinessUnited Internet2009-05-26United Internet kauft DSL-Geschäft von Freenet
IntegrationcompletelySilicon Labs2008-07-30Silicon Laboratories Completes Acquisition of Integration Associates, Diversified Mixed-Signal Company
OsnatelcompletelyEWE2008-07-10EWE TEL: Komplettübernahme von osnatel
ArcorcompletelyVodafone2008-05-19Vodafone Completely Acquires Arcor
T-Home.mkmerged intoTelekom2008-05-01Makedonski Telekom - Re-branding
STformedNumonyx2008-03-31Intel, ST flash joint venture Numonyx officially launches
T-Comrenamed toT-Home2007-05-30Neue Festnetz-Strategie: T-Com heißt jetzt offiziell T-Home
AOLGermany Internet Access BusinessHanseNet2006-09-17Telecom Italia to Acquire Time Warner's AOL Germany Internet Access Business for 675 Million Euros
PhilipsSemiconductors UnitNXP2006-08-31Philips Semiconductors Becomes NXP
Siemenssemiconductor businessInfineon2006-03-23Siemens trennt sich vollständig
InodecompletelyUPC2006-02-01Liberty Global's UPC Austria Acquires 100% of Inode
O2completelyTelefónica2005-10-31Telefonica grabs O2 from under T-Mobile's nose
Web.decompletelyUnited Internet2005-10-31Web.de gehört jetzt United Internet
ICSIcompletelyISSI2005-01-25ISSI to Acquire ICSI in Taiwan
Congstarsubsidiary ofTelekom2004-07-17Telekom gründet Billigheimer
ADMtekcompletelyInfineon2004-01-28Infineon To Acquire Taiwanese Fabless Semiconductor Company ADMtek
RadiacompletelyTI2003-07-30Texas Instruments Acquires Radia Communications, an Expert in 802.11 RF
ClarecompletelyIXYS2002-06-10IXYS Corporation Completes Acquisition of Clare, Inc.
GMXcompletelyUnited Internet2001-11-01Anfang 2001 vergrößerte die United Internet AG ihren Anteil an GMX auf 70,1% und später im November 2001 auf 100%
ScanLogiccompletelyCypress2001-05-30Cypress acquires USB designer ScanLogic
NordcomcompletelyEWE2001-05-08Oldenburger EWE kauft Mehrheit der Bremer Nordcom GmbH
1&1formedUnited Internet2000-03-01First news in United Internet AG newsroom - FIXME: better reference