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MAC (Media Access Control aka Medium Access Control) is a sublayer which controls the layer-1 physical hardware.
Together with the LLC sublayer it forms OSI layer-2, the link layer:

  • MAC is the lower sublayer and performs flow control and multiplexing of the physical hardware
  • LLC is the higher sublayer and performs flow control and multiplexing for the link layer


A MAC-Address provides an addressing scheme for physical or virtual networking hardware and is 48-bit so 6 Octets long.
It is typically written as 6 colon separated 2-Character hexadecimal numbers:

MAC address: DC:39:6F:xx:xx:xx

The first 3 hex numbers (DC:39:6F) are the 24-bit OUI and identify the Company which registered the MAC-Address block.
xx:xx:xx is used to anonymize the address here. This is done everywhere in this Wiki - for privacy reasons.


Most MAC addresses used in FRITZ!OS are stored in the Bootloader-Environment using OUI registered by AVM.
They are assigned in-factory and stored in the Config section of the ADAM2 or EVA bootloader.
This means that they cant't be changed persistent.

Have a look at the Network-Interfaces to see where these addresses are used.


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