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Besides the Kernel the most important part of an embedded system is BusyBox. It is labeled The Swiss Army Knife of Embedded Linux by its developer team. BusyBox offers more than 480 commands, modular at compile time, called applets. It consists of the busybox Executable containing all the code and numerous SymLinks for each command which has been compiled in. This is an index of currently 493 commands which have been found in busybox source, many of them are used in FRITZ!OS.


See also the table with FRITZ!OS 7.50+ news below and the total Overview of F!OS news!

Daily updated index of all busybox commands found scanning Firmware-Probes . Last update: 2024-04-24 05:11 GMT.
The label (bbcmd) in the Command column shows there are other objects in this wiki using this name.
The Mod column shows the amount of models using the respective command. Click the column header to sort by this number.
The path <bb> means the applet could be located in the busybox binary and could be called busybox <command>.
Dead Link! in the Description column means the link points to an applet which is not compiled into busybox.
The path <ash> means that this is an ash builtin command, most of these can only be called from within ash.
Note that some short commands marked Intern in the Type column may well be false positives.
Due to the traffic of this section and the bad BusyBox docs I decided to also list the 176 commands NOT used in FRITZ!OS.
If the Mod, Firmware, Path and Type columns are empty these are unused commands, which could be installed using Freetz.

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FRITZ!OS 7.5x[edit]

BusyBox-Commands which are new in FRITZ!OS 7.50+ and its 7.39+ Labors. See also the total Overview of F!OS news!