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4free-News +The total number of related free offers in Ebay classifieds.  +
AV-Cables+Adapters +The total number of AV [[Cables+Adapters]] in this Wiki.  +
AVM-Aliases +The total number of AVM alias names for box models in this Wiki.  +
AVM-Commands +The total number of [[AVM]] commands in this wiki.  +
AVM-Tarballs +The total number of source code tarballs scanned in this wiki.  +
AVM-Variables +The total number of [[AVM]] shell variables (excluding the [[Config-Environment]]) in this Wiki.  +
AVM-Watchdogs +The total number of AVM watchdogs in this wiki.  +
Accessories +The total number of accessories in this Wiki.  +
Accessory-Properties +The total number of accessory properties in this Wiki for the [[Selectors]].  +
Accessory-Selectors +The total number of accessory [[Selectors]] in this Wiki.  +
Acquisitions +The total number of company acquisitions referred in this Wiki.  +
Admin-Commands +The number of admin commands provided by [[BoxMatrix-Bot]].  +
Alias-Names +The total number of alias names for box models in this Wiki.  +
Audio-Files +The total number of audio samples in this wiki.  +
Bash-Commands +The total number of [[Bash]] internal commands in this wiki.  +
Binary-Files +The total number of binary files (mostly firmware) in this wiki.  +
Block-Devices +The total number of block devices in this wiki.  +
BlueFritz-Cards +The total number of BlueFRITZ! models in this Wiki.  +
BlueFritz-PBX +The total number of BlueFRITZ! PBX models in this Wiki.  +
Bluetooth-Cards +The total number of Bluetooth models in this Wiki.  +
Bootloader-Variables +The total number of bootloader variables in this Wiki.  +
Branding-Values +The total number of [[firmware_version]] brandongs found in firmware  +
Browser-Checks +The total number of JavaScript methods in Browser-Checks in this wiki.  +
BusyBox-Commands +The total number of [[BusyBox]] commands in this wiki.  +
CGI-Variables +The total number of [[CGI]] variables in this Wiki.  +