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This section collects examples and explanations on how to photograph a device in case you want to help and turn one of the Image-Contributors.



Please fire up 3 times per view and send me all 3 results uncutted. Thanks!


If you are using a professional mirror reflex finder cam you likely know what to do to focus and make good macro images.

If you use a compact cam try to find its macro mode, often using a flower icon. Then try to find out what is the minimal distance which your cam can focus.


If you have an Android device please install Open-Camera app. It is free Open-Source and has an excellent macro mode. Once started touch the symbol which has a little flash near it. In the second row of the menu popping up you find a flower symbol in the middle. That's the macro mode.
This mode performs the focus after you fired up the picture and grabs it then. Make sure you don't move your smartphone before. Even older smartphones can create excellent macro pics using this app, See this example taken by an old S5. You even can read all SMD resistors,

If you are an Iphone user please get in touch and help me explain here how to use the macro mode or which app is better there....




Please make photos of all 6 sides of the packaging.




Please have a look at the Power-Supply section and search the article of your PSU. If it's missing or has no pictures yet please make some.
Take one which shows both ends of the PSU, one which shows the type plate, and if you have a macro capable camera a photo of the connector.