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Open-Source Archived-Projects[edit]

3-hourly updated list of FRITZ!Box related Archived projects in our Open-Source directory. Last update: 2023-02-02 11:17 GMT.
The Added column shows when each project was added to the database. The new symbol highlights projects which were added during the last 2 weeks.
The Updated column shows what the respective hoster considers an update. This is not necessarily a visible commit or change.
Click any column header to sort the list. Click any language, tag or hoster to go to the respective category.

Goto:   Projects   -   Forks


Repositories which are not forks:
If the Language column shows Empty there are no detectable commits yet. New projects often start Empty.
Note that hosters which were not reachable are marked archived until the next successful poll!

Legend:   on = projects live from the search.   -   new = projects added during the last 2 weeks.   -   arc = archived projects from previous polls.
Archived projects provide search links near the tags for Project, Owner and Despription, to find a possible new location of the respective project.


Repositories which are forks:
If the Language column shows Empty the fork was not altered since creation and got no commits. This may be a backup.