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This section is a sorted directory of currently 1,403 FRITZ!Box related open source projects and 2,139 forks on the code hosting platforms Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket, SourceForge, NonGNU (GNU Savannah), the language specific repositories CPAN, PyPI, NPM, Maven, Packagist and RubyGems, as well as the frozen archives Google Code and CodePlex (recommend another repo).

For the recent changes to all monitored projects see the OSS-News.


3-hourly updated index of all topics, languages, formats and hosters used by the monitored open source projects. Last update: 2024-04-25 04:21 GMT.
The Added column shows when the last project for the respective category was added to the database. new highlights additions during the last 2 weeks.
The Updated column shows what the respective hoster considers an update. This is not necessarily a visible commit or change.
The Wikipedia links may help you to understand what the respective topic, language, format or hoster means.
Click any column header to sort the respective list. To return to normal sorting reload the page.

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OSS by Topic[edit]

Projects sorted by topic. The bold topics are parent topics which inherit all their (non bold) sub topics.
The topics are filtered by hundreds of opt-in / opt-out regular expressions, which need further tuning forever.
If you have an idea for further topics or sub topics to implement don't hesitate to get in touch.

OSS by Language[edit]

Programming languages used by the monitored projects.

OSS by Format[edit]

File formats used by documentation, configuration and data projects.

OSS by Hoster[edit]

Code hosting platforms and repositories used by the monitored projects. Repositories:
CPAN (Perl), Maven (Java), NPM (JavaScript), Packagist (PHP), PyPI (Python), RubyGems (Ruby).
If a host is marked archived here this means it was not reachable during the last poll.

OSS by Special[edit]

Special sortings for administrative and research purposes.


on = contains projects live from the search.
new = contains projects added during the last 2 weeks.
arc = only contains archived projects from previous polls.