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An index of PSU-Chips found in all Box-Models and Accessories.

FRITZ!Box PSU-Chips[edit]

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L6565DPSUSw-RegSTSTSwitching Power-Supply Controller
L7805CVPSU7800Volt-RegSTSTPositive Voltage Regulator, 5V, 1.5A
L7924CVPSU7900Volt-RegSTSTNegative Voltage Regulator, 24V, 1.5A
LM1117DT-3.3PSUVolt-RegTITILow Dropout Positive Voltage Regulator, 3.3V, 800mA
LM2940CS-5.0PSUVolt-RegTITILow Dropout Positive Voltage Regulator, 5V, 1A
LM2940CT-5.0PSUVolt-RegTITILow Dropout Positive Voltage Regulator, 5V, 1A
LM3478MMPSUS14BSw-RegTITIController for Switching Regulator, 40V, 1MHz
LT1941PSUSw-RegLinearAnalogTriple Switching Regulator, 1.1MHz, 2x Step-Down 2+3A, 1x Invert/Boost 1.5A
MAX756PSUSw-RegMaximMaximSwitching Step-Up Converter, 300mA, 5V, 500kHz
MC34063APSUSw-RegON SemiON SemiSwitching Step-Up / Step-Down / Inverter, 1.5A, 40V, 100kHz - avail. from many companies
MC7924CD2TPSU7900Volt-RegON SemiON SemiNegative Voltage Regulator, 24V, 1A
MC7924CTPSU7900Volt-RegON SemiON SemiNegative Voltage Regulator, 24V, 1A
MP1494DJPSUABZDSw-RegMPSMPSSwitching Step-Down Converter, 2A, 16V, 500kHz
MP2205PSUSw-RegMPSMPSSwitching Step-Down Converter, 2.5A, 16V, 1.3MHz
MP2305DSPSUSw-RegMPSMPSSwitching Step-Down Converter, 2.5A, 5.5V, 1.5Mhz
MP2354DSPSUSw-RegMPSMPSSwitching Step-Down Converter, 2A, 23V, 380kHz
MP2362ADFPSUSw-RegMPSMPSDual Switching Step-Down Converter, 2x 2A, 23V, 420kHz
MP2362DFPSUSw-RegMPSMPSDual Switching Step-Down Converter, 2x 2A, 23V, 380kHz
MP2364DFPSUSw-RegMPSMPSSwitching Step-Down Converter, 2x 1.5A, 23V, 1.4MHz
MP28252PSUSw-RegMPSMPSSwitching Step-Down Converter, 2A, 21V, 500kHz
MP6001DNPSUSw-RegMPSMPSSwitching Flyback / Forward Converter, 15W, 120V, 550kHz
MP8705ENPSUSw-RegMPSMPSSwitching Sync Buck Regulator, 2A, 21V, 500kHz
RT7248HPSUSw-RegRichtekRichtekSwitching Step-Down Converter, 2A, 18V, 340kHz
SC2440PSUSw-RegSemtechSemtechDual Switching Step-Down Converter, 2x 2A, 20V, 2.5Mhz
STN1NK80ZPSUN1NK80ZSw-DrvSTSTN-Channel MOSFET, 800V, 13Ω, 250mA
TL317CPSUPos-RegTITIAdjustable Positive Voltage Regulator, 1.25-32V, 100mA
TL594CPWPSUT594Sw-RegTITIPWM Power-Control Circuit
TL7705ACPSUTL77xxReset-GenTITISupply Voltage Supervisor, Reset Generator
TNY274PNPSUTinySwitch-IIISw-RegPower IntegrationsPower IntegrationsAC/DC Converter 85-265VAC, 5W, 132 kHz
TNY277GNPSUTinySwitch-IIISw-RegPower IntegrationsPower IntegrationsAC/DC Converter 85-265VAC, 8W, 132 kHz
TPS65252PSUSw-RegTITIDual Switching Step-Down Converter, 2+3A, 16V, 2.2Mhz