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An index of the Misc-Chips found in all Box-Models

FRITZ!Box Misc-Chips[edit]

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74HC377MiscD-FlipFlopPhilipsNXPOctal D-Flip-Flop with Data Enable
74HC595MiscLED-LatchVariousVarious8-bit Shift Register with Output Latches, 3-state
74LC07AMisc7407LED-DriverTITIHex Buffer / Driver, Open Collector
74LV595MiscLED-LatchVariousVarious8-bit Shift Register with Output Latches, 3-state
74LVC07AMisc7407LED-DriverTITIHex Buffer / Driver, Open Drain
ADV7520MiscHDMI-PHYAnalogAnalog80MHz HDMI / DVI Transmitter
AK4345ETMiscAudio-DACAKMAKM2-channel 24-bit 96kHz Audio-DAC
ALT6202-Q1MiscFourGeeFourGee-6202LTE-TranscvAltairAltairLTE FDD & TDD MIMO transceiver, 400-2700 MHz
EM28174MiscEM28xxPCTV-SoCEmpiaEmpia8051 based USB2 Video Capture Device & A/D PCTV Controller
FourGee LTE Mini-PCIe UEMiscFourGeeLTE-ModemAltairAltairLTE-Modem Reference Design by Altair, Mini-PCIe Version
MC34119LMisc34119Audio-AmpUnisonicUnisonicLow Power Audio Amplifier, 250mW
MC74LVX74MiscLVX74Clk-GenON SemiON SemiDual D-Type Flip-Flop with Set and Clear
MPS430F123MiscIR-DecodeTITI16-bit RISC Microcontroller
MXL251MiscMXL25xTV-TunerMaxLinearMaxLinearDual TV tuner and QAM demodulator.
P16CX100-27WEMiscP16CX100-27Clk-VCXOPericomDiodes27MHz Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator for Set-Top Boxes
PCF8574MiscPF547I2C-GPIOTITIRemote 8-Bit I/O Expander for I2C Bus
PL8331MiscMeter-SoCProlificProlificPower-Metering SoC
SN74CBTLV16292MiscVideo-MUXTITI12-bit 1-of-2 FET Multiplexer / Demultiplexer.
TLV320AIC33IMiscAudio-DACTITI2-channel multi-bit 96kHz Audio-CODEC
TS34119Misc34119Audio-AmpTaiwan SemiTaiwan SemiLow Power Audio Amplifier, 250mW