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Many chips use codenames or chip family names to identify them easier. Multiple variants of a chip can have the same name. This section will collect the names of important chips used in AVM products to describe their common features, their variants and possible frontends, and a reference of models using the respective chips.

Codenames of Components[edit]

This is work in progess, many SoCs are still missing.

The Var column shows the amout of variants of a chip, the Mod column shows the amount of models using them.

AR10SoC02DSL-SoCInfineonLantiq500MHz MIPS32 34Kc ADSL2+ SoC (ARX388)
AR7SoC1046DSL-SoCTILantiq150/212MHz MIPS32 4KEc, ADSL2+ SoC
AR9SoC14DSL-SoCInfineonLantiq393MHz MIPS32 34Kc ADSL2+ SoC (ARX188)
DakotaWLAN35WLAN-SoCQualcommQualcomm717MHz Quad Core ARM Cortex A7 WiSoC + 2x 2x2 MAC/Baseband/Radio
DragonflyWLAN11WLAN-SoCQualcommQualcomm750MHz MIPS 74Kc WiSoC + 3x3 MAC/Baseband/Radio
OhioSoC427DSL-SoCTILantiq212MHz MIPS32 4KEc, ADSL2+ SoC
Puma5SoC24DOCSIS-SoCTIIntel400MHz ARM6 ARM1176-JZ DOCSIS 3.0 SoC
SangamSoC619DSL-SoCTILantiq150MHz MIPS32 4KEc, ADSL2+ SoC
ScorpionWLAN29WLAN-SoCQualcommQualcomm720MHz MIPS 74Kc WiSoC + 3x3 MAC/Baseband/Radio
UR8SoC416DSL-SoCTILantiq360MHz MIPS32 4KEc, ADSL2+ SoC
WaspWLAN25WLAN-SoCAtherosQualcomm560MHz MIPS 74Kc WiSoC + 2x2 MAC/Baseband/Radio