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Many chips use codenames or chip family names to identify them easier. Multiple variants of a chip can have the same name. This section will collect the names of important chips used in AVM products to describe their common features, their variants and possible frontends, and a reference of models using the respective chips.

Codenames of Components[edit]

This list only covers SoCs and CPUs of Box-Models and Accessories which run the respective OS.

The Mod column shows the amount of models using the respective SoC, CPU, Microcontroller or Transputer.

AM1865E86-SoCAMDAMD25 / 33 / 40MHz 80C186/188 Compatible 16-Bit SoC
AR102DSL-SoCInfineonLantiq500MHz MIPS32 34Kc ADSL2+ SoC (ARX388)
AR746DSL-SoCTILantiq150 / 212MHz MIPS32 4KEc, ADSL2+ SoC
AR94DSL-SoCInfineonLantiq393MHz MIPS32 34Kc ADSL2+ SoC (ARX188)
BCM9633DSL-SoCBroadcomBroadcom1000MHz Dual Core ARM Cortex-A9 VDSL2 / SVectoring / G.fast SoC
Blackfin3RISC-DSPAnalogAnalog300MHz DSP with RISC-Like Instruction Set, 300KB SRAM
CR16C8RISC-CPUNationalDialog20.7 / 41.5 / 83MHz CompactRISC CPU core, part of most DECT-Chips
DaVinci2Media-SoCTITI297MHz ARM9 ARM926EJ-S Media-SoC
Dakota6WLAN-SoCQualcommQualcomm717MHz Quad Core ARM Cortex A7 WiSoC + 2x 2x2 MAC/Baseband/Radio
Dragonfly1WLAN-SoCQualcommQualcomm750MHz MIPS 74Kc WiSoC + 3x3 MAC/Baseband/Radio
Eiger1ARM-SoCSilicon WaveQorvo18.432MHz ARM710a SoC
Fusiv4DSL-SoCIkanosIkanos500MHz MIPS32 24KEc VDSL2 SoC (VX180/VX187)
Hawkeye1WLAN-SoCQualcommQualcomm2000MHz Quad Core ARM Cortex A53 WiSoC + 8x8 + 4x4 MAC/Baseband/Radio
Honey Bee3WLAN-SoCAtherosQualcomm650MHz MIPS 24Kc WiSoC + 2x2 MAC/Baseband/Radio
Jet2WLAN-SoCQualcommQualcomm775MHz MIPS 74Kc WiSoC + 4x4 MAC/Baseband/Radio
Ohio27DSL-SoCTILantiq212MHz MIPS32 4KEc, ADSL2+ SoC
Puma54DOCSIS-SoCTIIntel400MHz ARM6 ARM1176-JZ DOCSIS 3.0 SoC
Puma64DOCSIS-SoCIntelIntel600/1200MHz Dual Core ATOM 612/652/672 + 450MHz ARMv7 DOCSIS 3.0 SoC
Puma72DOCSIS-SoCIntelIntel2000MHz Dual Core ATOM CE2752 + xxxMHz ARM6 DOCSIS 3.1 SoC
Sangam19DSL-SoCTILantiq150MHz MIPS32 4KEc, ADSL2+ SoC
Scorpion9WLAN-SoCQualcommQualcomm720MHz MIPS 74Kc WiSoC + 3x3 MAC/Baseband/Radio
Seale8Network-SoCLantiqLantiq800 / 1000MHz Dual Core MIPS32 / InterAptiv 34Kc Network SoC (GRX350/550)
StrongARM2ARM-SoCIntelIntel233MHz 32-bit ARMv4 StrongARM CPU and Peripheral Controller
T40015TransputerInmosST20 / 25 / 40 / 50MHz 32-bit RISC-Transputer
TriMedia1Media-SoCPhilipsNXP166MHz 32-bit VLIW Media Processor
UBIK26FON-CodecAVMAVM24.6 MHz ARM based ASIC by AVM running Nucleus Plus
UR816DSL-SoCTILantiq360MHz MIPS32 4KEc, ADSL2+ SoC
UltimateBlue2BT-SoCSilicon WaveQorvo32MHz ARM7TDMI Bluetooth Radio Processor + 20KB SRAM + 256KB ROM
VR102DSL-SoCLantiqLantiq800 / 1000MHz Dual Core MIPS32 / InterAptiv 34Kc VDSL2 / Vectoring chipset (VRX300)
VR115DSL-SoCLantiqLantiq1000MHz Dual Core MIPS32 / InterAptiv 34Kc VDSL2 / SVectoring chipset (VRX500)
VR914DSL-SoCInfineonLantiq500MHz MIPS32 34Kc VDSL2 / Vectoring SoC (VRX220/VRX288)
Virian1Network-SoCAtherosQualcomm400MHz MIPS32 24Kc Network SoC
Wasp5WLAN-SoCAtherosQualcomm560MHz MIPS 74Kc WiSoC + 2x2 MAC/Baseband/Radio