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Test 1[edit]

Error: No contents found at URL http://openIcecat-xml:freeaccess@data.icecat.biz/xml_s3/xml_server3.cgi?ean_upc=4023125025976;lang=en;output=productxml.

  • Product name:
  • Release date:
  • Input voltage:
  • Typical consumption:
  • Casing dimensions:

Test 2[edit]

ICECAT-Info on FRITZ!Box 6842 LTE: Error: No contents found at URL http://openIcecat-xml:freeaccess@data.icecat.biz/xml_s3/xml_server3.cgi?prod_id=20002597;vendor=AVM;lang=en;output=productxml.

ICEcat Info - AVM #20002597 Value Misc


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