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FPE is a trademark of Guang Dong MiSun Technology Co., Ltd. This site is not related to FPE in any way, see the disclaimers.


Guang Dong MiSun Technology Co., Ltd created the brand FPE in 2001. Now they call it FPE MiSun Technology, see the homepage.


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G24102MKTrafo1ETH-PHYFPEFPE1000 MBit/s Ethernet Transformer
G48506MNTrafo1ETH-PHYFPEFPE2x 1000 MBit/s Ethernet Transformer
H16101MCTrafo1ETH-PHYFPEFPE100 MBit/s Ethernet Transformer
LG24147SNTrafo13ETH-PHYFPEFPE1000 MBit/s Ethernet Transformer
LK24116SNTrafo4ETH-PHYFPEFPE2500 MBit/s Ethernet Transformer
LN16110SNTrafo2LN1611xISDN-PHYFPEFPEInternal ISDN S0 Line Transformer
LN16111SNTrafo5LN1611xISDN-PHYFPEFPEInternal ISDN S0 Line Transformer
LN20401SNTrafo1LN2040xISDN-PHYFPEFPEExternal ISDN S0 Line Transformer
LN20402SNTrafo2LN2040xISDN-PHYFPEFPEExternal ISDN S0 Line Transformer


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