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MicrosemicompletelyMicrochip2018-05-29Microchip completes its largest acquisition to date, to the tune of $10.3 billion
AtmelcompletelyMicrochip2016-01-20Microchip Technology signs definitive agreement to acquire Atmel in USD3.4bn cash and stock deal.
SMSCcompletelyMicrochip2012-08-02Microchip Technology and SMSC Announce the Completion of the Acquisition of SMSC
SSTcompletelyMicrochip2010-02-03Silicon Storage Technology to be Acquired by Microchip Technology


Selectors >> Components-Selector >> Microchip

AT28C16-20TCFlash2EEPROM-2KEEPROMAtmelMicrochipEEPROM, 2K x 8bit = 2KB
AT28LV256-20TCFlash2EEPROM-32KEEPROMAtmelMicrochipEEPROM, 32K x 8bit = 32KB
AT93C46Flash2EEPROM-128EEPROMAtmelMicrochipEEPROM, 1K x 1bit = 128B
AT93C46M1Flash1EEPROM-128EEPROMAtmelMicrochipEEPROM, 1K x 1bit = 128B
COM81C17Misc281C17UARTSMSCMicrochipUniversal Asynchronous Receiver and Transmitter
LAN9500LAN1ETH-PHYUSB 2.0SMSCMicrochipUSB 2.0 to 1-port 10/100 Mbit/s PHY controller
SST12LP15AWLAN1WLAN-PHYSSTMicrochip802.11 b/g/n Power Amplifier 2.4GHz
SST39VF1601-70-4C-EKEFlash2NOR-2MNOR-FlashSSTMicrochipNOR-Flash 70ns, 1M x 16bit = 2MB
SST39VF400A-70-4C-EKEFlash3NOR-512KNOR-FlashSSTMicrochipNOR-Flash 70ns, 256K x 16bit = 512KB
ST24C02Flash2EEPROM-256EEPROMAtmelMicrochipEEPROM, 2K x 1bit = 256B
ST24C64Flash0EEPROM-8KEEPROMAtmelMicrochipEEPROM, 64K x 1bit = 8KB
ST93C46Flash2EEPROM-128EEPROMAtmelMicrochipEEPROM, 1K x 1bit = 128B
ST93C461Flash2EEPROM-128EEPROMAtmelMicrochipEEPROM, 1K x 1bit = 128B
USB2513USB1USB-HubSMSCMicrochip3-port USB 2.0 Hub Controller
USB3321USB1USB332xUSB-PHYSMSCMicrochipUSB 2.0 Transceiver


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