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NAND Flash facilities
Connected Home Division
Intel, ST flash joint venture Numonyx officially launches
Intel, Micron Update NAND Flash Memory Joint Venture
MaxLinear Completes Acquisition of and Raises Revenue Expectations from Intel's Home Gateway Platform Division
NumonyxcompletelyMicron2010-02-10Micron to acquire Numonyx for $1.27 billion


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M24128-BWPFlash5EEPROM-16KEEPROMI2CSTMicronEEPROM, 128K x 1bit = 16KB
M24256-BWDW6TPFlash1EEPROM-32KEEPROMI2CSTMicronEEPROM, 256K x 1bit = 32KB
M24C64-W6Flash2EEPROM-8KEEPROMI2CSTMicronEEPROM, 64K x 1bit = 8KB
M29F400T-70N1Flash2NOR-512KNOR-FlashSTMicronNOR-Flash 70ns, 512K x 8bit = 512KB, Boot Block
M29W0408-120K6Flash2NOR-512KNOR-FlashSTMicronNOR-Flash 120ns, 512K x 8bit = 512KB
M29W128GH-70N6Flash12NOR-16MNOR-FlashSTMicronNOR-Flash 70ns, 16M x 8bit / 8M x 16bit = 16MB
M29W160ET-70N6Flash1NOR-2MNOR-FlashSTMicronNOR-Flash 70ns, 2M x 8bit / 1M x 16bit = 2MB
M29W320CT-70N6Flash1NOR-4MNOR-FlashSTMicronNOR-Flash 70ns, 4M x 8bit / 2M x 16bit = 4MB
M29W640GT-70NA6Flash1NOR-8MNOR-FlashSTMicronNOR-Flash 70ns, 8M x 8bit / 4M x 16bit = 8MB
MT29F1G08ABADAFlash1NAND-128MNAND-FlashMicronMicronNAND-Flash 25ns, 128M x 8bit = 128MB
MT29F1G08ABADAWPFlash4NAND-128MNAND-FlashMicronMicronNAND-Flash 25ns, 128M x 8bit = 128MB
MT29F4G08ABADAWPFlash1NAND-512MNAND-FlashMicronMicronNAND-Flash 25ns, 512M x 8bit = 512M
MT29F64G08TAAFlash1NAND-8GNAND-FlashMicronMicronNAND-Flash 50μs, 8G x 8bit = 8GB
MT46V32M16-5BRAM1DDR1-64MDDR1RAMMicronMicronDDR1-333 SDRAM, 8M x 16bit x 4 Banks = 64MB
MT48LC16M16A2-6ARAM1SD-32MSDRAMMicronMicronSDRAM 166MHz, 4M x 16bit x 4 Banks = 32MB
MT48LC16M16A2-75RAM14SD-32MSDRAMMicronMicronSDRAM 133MHz, 4M x 16bit x 4 Banks = 32MB
MT48LC4M16A2-8ERAM1SD-8MSDRAMMicronMicronSDRAM 143MHz, 2M x 8bit x 4 banks = 8MB
MT48LC4M32B2-7GRAM1SD-16MSDRAMMicronMicronSDRAM 143MHz, 4M x 32bit = 16MB
MT4C16256DJ-7RAM2D-512KDRAMMicronMicronFPM DRAM 70ns, 256K x 16bit = 512KB
MT4C16257DJ-6RAM1D-512KDRAMMicronMicronFPM DRAM 60ns, 256K x 16bit = 512KB
MTFC2GMDEA-0M-WTFlash1EMMC-2GJW999NAND-FlashMicronMicroneMMC NAND-Flash 16G x 1bit = 2GB
NAND04GW3B2BN6EFlash1NAND-512MNAND-FlashMicronMicronNAND-Flash 25μs, 512M x 8bit = 512MB
NAND04GW3B2DN6Flash3NAND-512MNAND-FlashMicronMicronNAND-Flash 25μs, 512M x 8bit = 512MB
NAND08GW3B2CN6Flash1NAND-256MNAND-FlashMicronMicronNAND-Flash 50μs, 256M x 8bit = 256MB
TE28F320C3TD70Flash1NOR-4MNOR-FlashIntelMicronNOR-Flash 70ns, 4M x 8bit / 2M x 16bit = 4MB
TS4128-BW6Flash1EEPROM-16KEEPROMI2CSTMicronEEPROM, 128K x 1bit = 16KB


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