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XC1736EVCFlash2EEPROM-4KQPROEEPROMXilinxXilinxEEPROM, 36288 x 1bit = 4.4KB
XC1765DSCFlash1OTPROM-5KSpartanOTPROMXilinxXilinxOne time config PROM for FPGAs, 42416 x 1bit = 5.1KB
XC17S10LVCFlash2OTPROM-11KSpartanOTPROMXilinxXilinxOne time config PROM for SpartanXL FPGAs, 95752 x 1bit = 11.6KB
XC3030AFPGA3XC3000FPGAXilinxXilinx2500 Logic Gates FPGA
XC3164AFPGA2XC3000FPGAXilinxXilinx4500 Logic Gates FPGA
XC3S100EFPGA23Spartan3ESpartanFPGAXilinxXilinx100k Sytem Gates FPGA
XC3S250EFPGA19Spartan3ESpartanFPGAXilinxXilinx250k Sytem Gates FPGA
XC3S400FPGA2Spartan3SpartanFPGAXilinxXilinx400k Sytem Gates FPGA
XC3S50FPGA2Spartan3SpartanFPGAXilinxXilinx50k Sytem Gates FPGA
XC3S500EFPGA5Spartan3ESpartanFPGAXilinxXilinx500k Sytem Gates FPGA
XC5202FPGA1XC5200FPGAXilinxXilinx3000 Logic Gates FPGA
XC5206FPGA1XC5200FPGAXilinxXilinx10000 Logic Gates FPGA
XC6SLX4FPGA4Spartan6-LXSpartanFPGAXilinxXilinx3840 logic cells FPGA (plus more)
XC9536XLFPGA1CPLDXilinxXilinx800 Logic Gates CPLD
XCS10XLFPGA3SpartanXLSpartanFPGAXilinxXilinx10k Sytem Gates FPGA



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