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Adjustable-External FM 100MHz

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Adjustable "snap-in" mounted visible antennas, wired via a fixed IPEX pigtail.
In fact this is just the third and middle Adjustable-External WLAN 2.4/5GHz antenna.

This antenna was dedicated to an idea which never was used in the wild!
To understand this some historical info:

The 7270v1 and 7270v2 used a WLAN chip which supports 3xRX, 3xTX, 2 Streams,
which means it supports 3 antennas but can only use 2 simultaneous MIMO streams.
The 7270v3 got a new WLAN chip which only supports 2 antennas for 2 MIMO streams.
So the middle antenna was not required any more for WLAN.

In the same time AVM developed the FRITZ!WLAN Repeater N/G with fancy audio features,
and a narrow reach (10m) FM transmitter, which enables a ghettoblaster for wireless audio output.
This transmitter is realized in a FPGA and it used a PCB-Mounted FM 100MHz antenna.

Since the repeater and the v3 use the same UR8 SoC and both have a FPGA AVM obsiously
thought they found a new use for the superflous middle antenna and they connected it to the FPGA.
Noone knows why it never was activated. Was it a marketing decision to not hurt repeater N/G sales,
or were there unexpected technical side effects which ended this plan? Noone knows.

No release firmware ever supported this feature, and even no Labor is known which did.

Only early batches of the 7270v3 had the third antenna, later batches and the 7240 omitted it.



The Adjustable-External FM 100MHz antenna is used in these models:

Selectors >> AntType-Selector >> Adjustable-External FM 100MHz

AntType-Selector WLAN-Antenna DECT-Antenna LTE-Antenna 5G-Antenna FM-Antenna BT-Antenna ZigBee-Antenna
FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7270 v3 Adjustable-External WLAN 2.4/5GHz PCB-Mounted DECT 1.9GHz Adjustable-External FM 100MHz
Multibox 7270 NGN Adjustable-External WLAN 2.4/5GHz PCB-Mounted DECT 1.9GHz Adjustable-External FM 100MHz
2 models


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