Our Trac-Server is now open for registration, including the ticket system for Freetz-ng.


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This is a verbose timeline of the recent activity of all Freetz forks, gathered from our Trac-Server for Freetz-ng and the Github API for the other forks. For a less verbose list just covering commits see the Freetz-News. For an overview of all forks see the SVN-Server page and the Freetz-Releases. You may want to have a look at all Freetz-Contributors.

The freetz-ng fork moved from Github to BoxMatrix, the first fork master here. freetz-ng is intended to be open for collaborative development. A good chance for a return of an actively maintained community driven and up to date Freetz is now here. If you are a coder please help to let the old pride of Freetz return. The master on our SVN-Server is working and our Trac-Server is now open for registration, so independency of 3rd party services completely returned here. You can either checkout the latest revision of freetz-ng here or relocate all your old SVN based Freetz builds. The ticket system is up and running and bug reports, patches or feature requests are welcome.


3-hourly updated index of recent activity of all Freetz forks. Last update: 2019-10-22 01:13 GMT.
Latest changes to this list are also forwarded to our #freetz IRC-Channel on freenode.net and to our RSS-Feeds.

Legend:   on = changes live from the feed.   -   arc = archived changes from previous polls.