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Freetz modifies AVM Firmware and thus contains all proprietary drivers. OpenWRT is a standalone operating system replacing everything but the bootloader, and has to contain all drivers or the respective part of a device will not work. All Box-Models up to generation x2xx were based on Texas Instruments SoCs, which used the proprietary drivers tiatm.ko (up to x1xx) or dsl_ur8.ko (x2xx) for DSL and tiap.ko for WLAN (up to x1xx). This made the FRITZ!Box a bad choice for OpenWRT since there never were free alternatives for these drivers. This situation changed since AVM uses chips from Atheros (now QCA) and Lantiq (owned by Intel), since both companies provide open drivers. Now there are several models which are usable or even ideal for OpenWRT. What remains proprietary in all Box-Models is wired or cordless telephony, so there is only support for IP-Phones if you use OpenWRT.


Daily updated index of OpenWRT / LEDE / Gluon and Wikidevi pages covering AVM hardware. Last update: 2019-11-17 04:00 GMT.
The Ideal column shows which model is considered ideal for OpenWRT.
The Download column shows for which models prebuilt OpenWRT images are provided.
The Techndata, Device and Oldwiki columns point to info pages about the recpective model.
Gluon is an OpenWRT based firmware for the Freifunk WLAN mesh network.
Wikidevi was an independent semantic hardware Wiki, which also provided valuable information for developers. It died 2019-10-20.
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