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The trunk or master is the current developer version of a project, which (hopefully) is maintained. Each fork of Freetz has its own trunk. For more info about the forks see the SVN-Server article. For latest changes see the Freetz-News. Before the forks there were many tagged and stable versions, but they lack the support for newer models and only support older Firmware. Their download scripts may fail, since AVM does not host old Firmware. The same applies to many older package downloads. For security reasons it is recommended to use the respective trunk. All Freetz forks only support Firmware which at least contains Kernel 2.6. For very old models which still run Kernel 2.4 dsmod (danisahne mod) at the end of this table can be handy, the predecessor of Freetz. The names ds24 and ds26 reflect the minimum required Kernel versions.

The freetz-ng fork moved from Github to BoxMatrix, the first fork master here. freetz-ng is intended to be open for collaborative development. A good chance for a return of an actively maintained community driven and up to date Freetz is now here. If you are a coder please help to let the old pride of Freetz return. The master on our SVN-Server is working and our Trac-Server is now open for registration, so independency of 3rd party services completely returned here. You can either checkout the latest revision of freetz-ng here or relocate all your old SVN based Freetz builds. The ticket system is up and running and bug reports, patches or feature requests are welcome.


3-hourly updated index of tags, branches and all trunks of all forks of Freetz and dsmod. Last update: 2023-02-10 11:47 GMT.
This list shows the last Revision number and Date, and the Author who perfomed the last change of each release.
This info is taken from the SVN log of each release. 4 recent empty edits have been omitted to preserve the temporal sorting.
The log column points to logs of the recent 50 changes of each release or trunk. For the active forks they are updated 3-hourly.
The tgz links of the archived releases point to hosted backups. For the active forks they are created by their respective master.
The svn links point to our SVN-Server, the git links point to the respective fork masters or to freetz-org for the archived releases.
The Freetz-org fork is unmaintained since 2021-05-26. Its last maintainer Er13 recommends using Freetz-ng.[1]

Legend:   on = active fork.   -   arc = archived release or snapshot.