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FRITZ!OS uses a lot of open source software, many of which is released unter the terms of the GPL. One of the duties of the GPL license is to offer the entire source code of the included part. AVM releases the source code of the GPLed part of their OS at osp.avm.de (osp = open source project), as huge gzip or bzip2 compressed tar archives (or uncompressed tar), that's why they are nicknamed tarballs. This is an overview of all scanned tarballs, including version info and listings of their contents. For a per model overview of this list see the Source-Scans section of each Box-Models article.


AVM does not provide source code for all models, some have to use the tarball of a sister model.
Besides this AVM does not always offer separate v1, v2, etc tarballs, here a list of source inheritance in this Wiki:


Daily updated index of all tarballs which are scanned, most of which are online. Last update: 2024-07-24 05:11 GMT.
The (main/scrpn/boot/arm/prx/atom) label in the Model column shows which CPU is meant for models with multiple Linux instances.
The Ver column shows the Firmware-Version derived from the tarball's filename, or 00.00 if not detectable.
There's no way to find this number in the source. Click the version number to get a listing of the entire tarball.
The Kern column shows the Kernel-Version from the kernel Makefile, click it to get a listing of the kernel source.
The BB column shows the BusyBox-Version from various scan sources, click it for listing the busybox addons.
The Libc and LcVer columns show the Libc-Library and its version where it could be detected, which is complicated, no listings yet.
The CC column shows the GCC-Version from its root Makefile, click it for a listing of the gcc source in the tarball.
The BR column shows the Buildroot-Version if detectable, click it for a listing of its source in the GCC tarball.
The Date column shows the date of the newest contained file. By default this list is reverse sorted by this date.
This is no perfect method, since AVM sometimes repackages older tarballs. No better method has been found so far.

Legend:   on = live URL.   -   host = hosted here.   -   arc = from archive.org.   -   nonpub = non public.   -   dead = dead link.