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This is a timeline of free private giveaways of AVM hardware on the german site Ebay-Kleinanzeigen[1] (Ebay classifieds). The original intention is to find local people who come by and take the offered device, but some people also send it as a package if the receiver pays the shipping costs. Note that some of these offers are for trading, some are search requests and some may even be false positives. This list is only useful if you live in Germany.

Warning: Ebay-Kleinanzeigen is a very useful service in Germany. It's a person to person business without any man in the middle costs. However, there are also criminals, like everywhere. There's one guy who frequently offers a brand new 7590 incl. invoice for 100 Euro. Of course everybody with half a working concious knows this can't be real. The List-Price of a 7590 [AC/AX] is 259 Euro and an invoice is really rare on 2nd hand market (but necessary to have the 5 years warranty). This guy always changes city where he claims the offer, and if you pay you get nothing! Just ask where you could come by in person to take the box. Be sure this criminal won't even answer, regardless where he claims to live.

There's also a victim of this guy who frequently spams the for free giveaways to search further victims. Don't get fooled by both. You neither get a brand new which ever 7590 with invoice for 100 Euro, nor one for free!


3-hourly updated index of free private giveaways of AVM hardware. Last update: 2024-04-19 22:08 GMT.
You can sort the table by PostCode or City by clicking the respective column header. Click the City to search for it
The Ships column shows who is willing to send the giveaway as a package if the receiver pays the shipping costs.
The Date column shows the date when the offer was posted, the Added column shows when it was added to this list.
This is useful to sort older offers up which initially had a price but subsequentially were changed to free giveaways.
Latest changes to this list are also forwarded to our ##fritznews IRC-Channel on libera.chat and to our RSS-Feeds.

Legend:   on = offer live from the feed.   -   arc = archived offer from previous polls.
Archived offers are valid, but scrolled out of the search results due to their age.