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This is a timeline of the recent 100 changes to all Freetz forks, gathered from the logfiles of their respective master repositories. Forks without activity scroll out here. For an overview of all forks see the SVN-Server page and the Freetz-Releases.

Sad news: On 2018-02-17 the freetz-ng fork was discontinued, after only 2.5 weeks of promising activity, and its repository on Github removed. The reason was the lack of contributors. freetz-ng was intended to be open for collaborative development, in opposite to the freetz-org fork which is nearly locked down to death since early december by its restrictive maintainers contribution rejecting gatekeepers. A good chance for a return of an actively maintained community driven and up to date Freetz passed. Let's hope that there will be a new fork to reopen the project to the community as it once was.


3-hourly updated index of recent changes to all Freetz forks. Last update: 2019-02-18 08:12 GMT.
Latest changes to this list are also forwarded to our ##fritznews IRC-Channel on and to our RSS-Feeds.

Legend:   on = changes live from the feed.   -   arc = archived changes from previous polls.