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This is an overview of webpages about ongoing public betatests of AVM, named FRITZ!Lab (Lab = Labor in german language). If a page covers multiple models it's repeated per model, so it can be listed in the Weblinks section of the respective Box-Models article. For international models AVM does not always create an info page, but you can find the respective files in the Labor-Files section.


6-hourly updated index of current labor websites. Last update: 2024-02-27 04:01 GMT.
Although polled more frequently this list is only forwarded once a day to the entire Wiki.
Latest changes to this list are also forwarded to our ##fritznews IRC-Channel on libera.chat and to our RSS-Feeds.
Starting with 7490 / 7530 / 7590 Labor r74082+ AVM merged the german and international firmware.
This means that these Labors contain all brandings, languages and Annexes and will work worldwide.

Legend:   on = live URL.   -   host = hosted here.   -   arc = from archive.org.   -   nonpub = non public.   -   dead = dead link.