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This is an index of recent or future 100 models and manufacturer part numbers (MPNs) running out of support (EOS) and/or running out of maintenance (EOM). EOS means that AVM does not offer any Email or telephone support any more, EOM means there will not be any further development. Both dates do not affect warranty, which always is related to the date of purchase (plus 5 years for AVM routers).

Unfortunately AVM nuked their valuable EOS/EOM dates list[1][2] at 2021-01-13, which was a blacklist of all prior products AVM ever sold, and replaced it with a "what's supported now" and "what's the latest firmware" whitelist[3], without any dates!

EOS dates are now a secret and only visible at the day they happen, what a pity! EOM dates and status are also hidden entirely now, they are only "guessable" by the last firmware update for the respective model.

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Daily updated index of the recent/future AVM EOS/EOM dates. Last update: 2021-01-14 17:32 GMT.
Until the issue described above is fixed this list is kept stalled / frozen at this date.
Click an EAN/GTIN or MPN to search the web for it. This table is reverse sorted by EOS date.
You can reverse sort the table by EOM date by clickung the EOM column title twice (click-wait-click).


Daily updated index of per model EOS info pages. Last update: 2023-12-07 04:03 GMT.
On german language portals AVM creates an information page once a model turns EOS.
Latest changes to this list are also forwarded to our ##fritznews IRC-Channel on libera.chat and to our RSS-Feeds.

Legend:   on = live URL.   -   host = hosted here.   -   arc = from archive.org.   -   nonpub = non public.   -   dead = dead link.


Some technical background about the importance of EOS info in this Wiki: Each morning the Open Icecat catalog is downloaded (>1GB) and filtered for AVM products. Icecat lists AVM poducts with manufacturer part numbers (MPNs), the 2000xxxx numbers of each product. These MPNs are merged with a database of own research (ISP models, old stuff, etc) and are listed together with Icecat info in the Part-Numbers section of each of the Box-Models articles, merged with the EOM and EOS dates from this list here. Together with the Info from Icecat which country a model is sold in this function creates the supported and sold status of each model, shown everywhere in the Wiki. Since there was no EOS-Data all models turned supported for 2 days. Now less than 24 hours old backup data (past the delition) has been restored to preserve this database.

AVM started the EOS-List per MPN, listing the dates of EOM/EOS per part number. Later they switched to a per model list, also listing both dates. For database integrity the per model list iterated through all part numbers known for a model to adapt. Now they only say what's supported, and a third level of backwards compatibility has to be found.