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This is an index of maintained datasheets in the Open Icecat product catalog[1], reverse sorted by the date they were added. Icecat monitors markets around the world for new products from more than 29,000 vendors and maintains more than 10 million product datasheets. While the full Icecat catalog is a commercial product there's a free subset covering 300 sponsoring companies called Open Icecat. Fortunately AVM is one of them[2], and contributes data since the early days of Icecat.


Daily updated index of part numbers and barcodes recently added to Icecat and their respective data sheets. Last update: 2023-11-15 14:09 GMT.
Click the 'Updated' column header twice (click-wait-click) to see recent changes to Icecat data sheets. Click an EAN/GTIN or MPN to search the web for it.
Latest changes to this list are also forwarded to our ##fritznews IRC-Channel on libera.chat and to our RSS-Feeds.

Legend:   on = live from Icecat index .   -   arc = archived from previous capture (Icecat occasionally truncates the free index).