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This is currently being created and is unfinished, come back frequently to see it evolve!
This message will be removed once it's finished.


This is going to be my personal list of favorite Freetz settings suited for BoxMatrix research.
The intention is to keep FRITZ!OS as unmodified as possible while having some useful research tools.
Of course this list is only useful on models with enough resouces, like recent NAND based models.


  • Removal patches: unselect all (leftover and dtrace)
  • Removal patches: Remove public firmware key: select (avoid any auto updates)
  • Other patches >> drop noexec: select (important for research scripts)
  • Other patches >> enforce firmware_version via rc.conf: avm (my 7520 has hardcoded branding in EVA)


  • Editors >> diff (enable long options, directory support)
  • Editors >> patch
  • Misc Utilities >> less (enable -S and regular expressions)
  • Misc Utilities >> lsscsi
  • Misc Utilities >> strings



  • Web Interface >> Favicons: dsl123
  • Web Interface >> Freetz language: en
  • Web Interface >> AVM tagging: none