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A character set is a table mapping numerical values to printable or non printable Characters.

The character set used and the mapping procedure are both called character encoding.

A Charset is only a definition layer, how each Character is shown / rendered / visualized is subject to a Font.



Initially the Webinterface of FRITZ!OS only supported german language, which requires Umlauts not present in ASCII charset.
The first solution was to use ISO-8859-1 and later its revision ISO-8859-15.

Starting with generation x2xx (ie 7270) and fw 4.63 AVM switched to UTF-8 charset. See CONFIG_UTF8.


For models with an USB-Host port AVM added FTP access in fw 3.42, in fw 4.28 also SMB access.
In fw 4.80 the fritz.nas webinterface was added, initially implemented with file i/o written in Java.

Linux filesystem NLS support was enabled in fw 3.63, initially only with CP-437 and ISO-8859-1 support.
Later additions were ISO-8859-15 (4.03), CP-850 (4.14), UTF-8 (4.57), ASCII (4.85) and CP-852 (6.51) and
ISO-8859-2 (6.52+). More details in the NLS article.

Starting with fw 5.55 FRITZ!OS converts all filenames on the NAS to UTF-8 using conv2utf8. See CONFIG_UTF8_FULL.


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