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FRITZ!Fon MT-C20 x 10colourwhite17 h120 h13 htrue
FRITZ!Fon MT-D112 x 65monowhite15 h120 h12 htrue
FRITZ!Fon MT-F240 x 320256Kwhite10 h180 h6 htrue
FRITZ!Fon M2112 x 65monowhite15 h240 h6 htrue
FRITZ!Fon C3 v1128 x 16064Kwhite11 h144 h6 htrue
FRITZ!Fon C3 v2128 x 16064Kwhite11 h144 h6 htrue
FRITZ!Fon C4240 x 320256Kwhite15 h240 h6 htrue
FRITZ!Fon C5240 x 320256Kwhite10 h288 h6 htrue
FRITZ!Fon C6240 x 320256Kwhite16 h288 h6 htrue
Sinus 300i Pack102 x 6516 x 5monoorange15 h150 h15 h
Sinus 500i Pack128 x 12816 x 84Kwhite12 h120 h14 h
Speedphone 300128 x 160? x 1064Kwhite12 h120 h12 h