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Wire-Monopole WLAN 5GHz

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Quarter wave vertical wire antennas soldered on the main PCB, always single band.
The advantages of Wire-Monopole antennas are minimal production costs and space requirements on the main PCB.
All known Wire-Monopole WLAN 5GHz antennas are IPEX, Murata or Hirose connected.



Quarter wave 5GHz = 15mm length


Quarter wave 5GHz = 15mm length


The Wire-Monopole WLAN 5GHz antenna is used in these models:

Selectors >> AntType-Selector >> Wire-Monopole WLAN 5GHz

AntType-Selector WLAN-Antenna DECT-Antenna LTE-Antenna FM-Antenna BT-Antenna
FRITZ!Box 3390 PCB-Offboard WLAN 2.4GHz, PCB-Trace WLAN 2.4GHz, PCB-Trace WLAN 5GHz, Wire-Monopole WLAN 5GHz
FRITZ!Box 4060 PCB-Trace WLAN 2.4/5GHz, Wire-Monopole WLAN 5GHz, PCB-Trace WLAN 1.9/5GHz PCB-Trace DECT 1.9/5GHz
FRITZ!Box 6490 Cable PCB-Offboard WLAN 1x2.4+1x5GHz, PCB-Trace WLAN 2.4GHz, PCB-Trace WLAN 5GHz, Wire-Monopole WLAN 5GHz Stamped-Metal DECT 1.9GHz, Wire-Monopole DECT 1.9GHz
FRITZ!Repeater 6000 PCB-Trace WLAN 2.4/5GHz, PCB-Trace WLAN 5GHz, Wire-Monopole WLAN 5GHz
4 models


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