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PCB-Offboard DECT 1.9GHz

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Printed PCB antennas not part of the main PCB, off board PCBs typically connected via IPEX pigtails.
They save space on the PCB, simplify PCB revisions and are free in the choice of positioning within a device.
The advantage of third party PCB-Offboard antennas is a shorter development time, but they increase the production costs.
Third party offboard PCB antennas often have patented structures, with advantages a homegrown solution may not reach.
The first 4 digits of an AVM offboard PCB number (LPNr.) appear to be the 20xx year and the week of the design.



  • TODO: XXXX WLAN 2x 5GHz + 1x 1.9GHz, 3x IPEX connected, 7581, 20XX
  • TODO: XXXX WLAN 1x 5GHz + 1x 1.9GHz, 2x IPEX connected, 7581, 20XX


The PCB-Offboard DECT 1.9GHz antenna is used in these models:

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AntType-Selector WLAN-Antenna DECT-Antenna LTE-Antenna 5G-Antenna FM-Antenna BT-Antenna ZigBee-Antenna
FRITZ!Box 7581 PCB-Trace WLAN 2.4GHz, PCB-Mounted WLAN 2.4GHz, PCB-Offboard WLAN 2x5GHz+1x1.9GHz, PCB-Offboard WLAN 1x5GHz+1x1.9GHz PCB-Offboard DECT 2x5GHz+1x1.9GHz, PCB-Offboard DECT 1x5GHz+1x1.9GHz
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  • TODO