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Infineon is a trademark of Infineon Technologies AG. This site is not related to Infineon in any way, see the disclaimers.


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CypresscompletelyInfineon2020-04-16Infineon Technologies AG completes acquisition of Cypress Semiconductor Corporation
TIDSL CPE Business
Cable Modem Unit
Infineon Acquires Texas Instruments' DSL CPE Business
Intel to Acquire Texas Instruments' Cable Modem Unit
Siemenssemiconductor businessInfineon2006-03-23Siemens trennt sich vollständig
ADMtekcompletelyInfineon2004-01-28Infineon To Acquire Taiwanese Fabless Semiconductor Company ADMtek
Ericsson MicrocompletelyInfineon2002-06-07Ericsson sells Microelectronics to Infineon Technologies


Selectors >> Components-Selector >> Infineon

HYB39SC256160DT-7.5RAM1SD-32MSDRAMInfineonQimondaSDRAM 133MHz, 16M x 16bit = 32MB
PEB20571F V3.1FON1DELICDELIC-PBISDN-PHYInfineonLantiqDSP Embedded Line and Port Interface Controller
PEB20591H V2.2FON1VIPVIP-8ISDN-PHYInfineonLantiqVersatile ISDN Port
PEB22715H V1.0SoC1LiDrAFEDSL-PHYInfineonLantiqADSL Line Driver Analog Front End
PEB3264F V1.4FON4SLICOFISLICOFI-2SFON-CODECInfineonLantiqDual Subscriber Line Interface Codec Filter (no EDSP)
PEB3265F V1.5FON7SLICOFISLICOFI-2FON-CODECInfineonLantiqDual Subscriber Line Interface Codec Filter (with EDSP)
PEB3265H V1.3FON4SLICOFISLICOFI-2FON-CODECInfineonLantiqDual Subscriber Line Interface Codec Filter (with EDSP)
PEB4264V V1.2FON7DuSLICDuSLIC-SFON-PHYInfineonLantiqDual Subscriber Line Interface Concept (no EDSP)
PEB4265T V1.1FON3DuSLICDuSLIC-EFON-PHYInfineonLantiqDual Subscriber Line Interface Concept (with EDSP)
PEB83000 E V1.3SoC6VINAXVINAX-CPEDSL-PHYInfineonLantiqVDSL2 Frontend
PEF7071V V1.3LAN4PHY11GETH-PHYInfineonLantiq1-port 10/100/1000 Mbit/s PHY
PEF7072HL V1.3LAN2PHY11GETH-PHYInfineonLantiq1-port 10/100/1000 Mbit/s PHY
PSB21150F V1.4FON7IPACIPAC-XISDN-PHYInfineonLantiqISDN PC Adapter Circuit
PSB3186F V1.2FON1ISACISAC-SX TEISDN-PHYInfineonLantiqISDN Subscriber Access Controller for Terminals
PSB3186F V1.3FON2ISACISAC-SX TEISDN-PHYInfineonLantiqISDN Subscriber Access Controller for Terminals
PSB3186F V1.4FON9ISACISAC-SX TEISDN-PHYInfineonLantiqISDN Subscriber Access Controller for Terminals
PSB50388EL V1.2SoC1ARX300AR10DSL-SoCInfineonLantiq500MHz MIPS32 34Kc ADSL2+ SoC (ARX388)
PSB50812EL V1.2SoC4ARX100AR9DSL-SoCInfineonLantiq393MHz MIPS32 34Kc ADSL2+ SoC (ARX188)
PSB6970HL V1.2LAN6TantosTantos-0GSwitchInfineonLantiq7-port 10/100 Mbit/s Switch
PSB6970HL V1.3LAN1TantosTantos-0GSwitchInfineonLantiq7-port 10/100 Mbit/s Switch
PSB80170 E V1.1SoC1VINAXVINAX-ENetwork-SoCInfineonLantiq333MHz MIPS32 24KEc Network SoC
PSB80190V V1.1SoC8VRX200VR9DSL-PHYInfineonLantiqDSL AFE and Line Driver for the VR9 (VRX208)
PSB80920EL V1.1SoC3VRX200VR9DSL-SoCInfineonLantiq500MHz MIPS32 34Kc VDSL2 / Vectoring SoC (VRX288)
PSB80920EL V1.2SoC7VRX200VR9DSL-SoCInfineonLantiq500MHz MIPS32 34Kc VDSL2 / Vectoring SoC (VRX288)



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