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Property:PSB80190V V1.1

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Selectors >> Chips-Selector >> SoC-Chips >> PSB80190V V1.1

FRITZ!Box WLAN 3370PSB80920EL V1.1
PSB80190V V1.1
128 MB4,096 KB49,152 KB500 MHzMIPS3234Kc
FRITZ!Box 3390PSB80920EL V1.2
PSB80190V V1.1
128 MB4,096 KB49,152 KB500 MHzMIPS3234Kc
FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7360 SLPSB80920EL V1.1
PSB80190V V1.1
128 MB15,744 KB500 MHzMIPS3234Kc
FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7360 v1PSB80920EL V1.2
PSB80190V V1.1
128 MB15,744 KB500 MHzMIPS3234Kc
FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7360 v2PSB80920EL V1.2
PSB80190V V1.1
128 MB32,128 KB500 MHzMIPS3234Kc
FRITZ!Box 7362 SLPSB80190V V1.1
PSB80920EL V1.2
128 MB4,096 KB49,152 KB500 MHzMIPS3234Kc
FRITZ!Box 7490PSB80920EL V1.2
PSB80190V V1.1
256 MB4,096 KB49,152 KB500 MHzMIPS3234Kc
FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7360 EWEPSB80920EL V1.2
PSB80190V V1.1
128 MB15,744 KB500 MHzMIPS3234Kc


Selectors >> Components-Selector >> SoC-Chips >> PSB80190V V1.1 relatives

PSB80108V-S-LLDX1VRX200VR9DSL-PHYLantiqLantiqDSL AFE and Line Driver for the VR9 (VRX220LD)
PSB80190V V1.18VRX200VR9DSL-PHYInfineonLantiqDSL AFE and Line Driver for the VR9 (VRX208)
PSB80221EL V1.11VRX200VR9DSL-SoCLantiqLantiq500MHz MIPS32 34Kc VDSL2 / Vectoring SoC (VRX220)
PSB80920EL V1.13VRX200VR9DSL-SoCPSB80920EL V1.2InfineonLantiq500MHz MIPS32 34Kc VDSL2 / Vectoring SoC (VRX288)
PSB80920EL V1.27VRX200VR9DSL-SoCPSB80920EL V1.1InfineonLantiq500MHz MIPS32 34Kc VDSL2 / Vectoring SoC (VRX288)


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