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EMIF (External Memory Interface) is a generic term for an I/O interface between a CPU or SoC and extermal memory,
see the Wikipedia link above.

In special it also is an interface to SDRAM used in Texas Intruments DSPs and SoCs, the PDF link above shows an example.


Most SoC used in FRITZ!OS devices provide an EMIF to interface the SDRAM.
It is configured in the Bootloader before any external RAM can be accessed.

In ADAM2 this configuration was compiled in, in EVA the EMIF register presets are part of the Config Section.

This is not necessarily a per model configuration but changes for different SDRAM chips used.
That's why a Bootloader dump from the same model may fail on another device due to wrong timing and bank settings.

On some models AVM also uses the EMIF to interface virtual USB-Host controllers implemented in FPGA chips.
These all use the Piglet.ko module to load the Bitfile into the FPGA (a few old models without USB also did).

Models with a FPGA which does not contain a virtual USB-Host controller use the Piglet_noemif.ko module instead.

Example from a 7150 with USB-Host in FPGA:

root@fritz31:/var/mod/root# grep emif /proc/iomem

be000000-be000068 : piglet_emifreg 


Information is currently being retrieved from the backend.


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