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Network protocols define how computers communicate across a network. This section will collect articles about protocols containing short descriptions, infos about the used Network-Ports, references to the official standards and how each protocol is used in FRITZ!OS. See also the TCP-IP and OSI protocol layer models.


The label (lexicon) in the Protocol column shows there are other objects in this wiki using this name.

Protocol Short for Description Ports Standards
DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Automatic configuration of a network interface 67-udp, 68-udp, 547-udp, 546-udp RFC-2131
DNS Domain Name System Lookup the IP address(es) of a host name 53-udp, 53-tcp RFC-1034, RFC-1035
FTP File Transfer Protocol Older protocol to transfer files 20-tcp, 21-tcp RFC-354, RFC-959
FTPS File Transfer Protocol over SSL / TLS Secure file transfer, succesor of FTP 20-tcp, 21-tcp RFC-4217, RFC-8446
HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol Protocol to serve hypertext in the WWW 80-tcp RFC-2616, RFC-9113, RFC-9114
HTTPS (lexicon) Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure Secure variant and succeessor of HTTP 443-tcp RFC-2818
IP Internet Protocol Base protocols for addressing machines in the Internet See IPv4 / IPv6
IPv4 Internet Protocol version 4 Version 4 of the base protocol for addressing machines in the Internet RFC-791
MIME Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions Protocol extension defining media type and character encoding RFC-2045, RFC-2046, RFC-2047, RFC-2049, RFC-4288, RFC-4289
NTP Network Time Protocol Synchronize and distribute the system time 123-udp RFC-1305, RFC-5905
OSI Open Systems Interconnection model 7-layer model describing the theory of Network-Protocols ISO/IEC 7498
SFTP SSH / Secure File Transfer Protocol Secure file transfer using SSH 22-tcp draft-ietf-secsh-filexfer, RFC-4251, RFC-4253, RFC-4254
SNTP Simple Network Time Protocol Synchronize and distribute the system time (simplified) 123-udp RFC-5905, RFC-4330
SOAP Simple Object Access Protocol (formerly) XML based messaging protocol W3C-SOAP-1.2
SSDP Simple Service Discovery Protocol UPnP discovery protocol 1900-udp UPnP-DeviceArchitecture, ms-ssdp
SSH Secure Shell Secure remote shell protocol, replaces Telnet 22-tcp RFC-4251, RFC-4253, RFC-4254
SSL Secure Sockets Layer Deprecated predecessor of TLS RFC-6101, RFC-6176, RFC-7568
TCP-IP Internet protocol suite 4-layer model describing a collection of Network-Protocols RFC-1122
TFTP Trivial File Transfer Protocol Very simple protocol to transfer files 69-udp RFC-783, RFC-1350
TLS Transport Layer Security Crypto protocol to provide secure communication RFC-2246, RFC-4346, RFC-5246, RFC-8446
Telnet Teletype Network Older remote shell protocol 23-tcp RFC-15, RFC-854, RFC-855
21 network protocols

UDP, TCP, UDP (lexicon), TCP (lexicon), IPv6