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Network protocols define how computers communicate across a network. This section will collect articles about protocols containing short descriptions, infos about the used Network-Ports, references to the official standards and how each protocol is used in FRITZ!OS. See also the TCP-IP and OSI protocol layer models and the Network-Ports.


The label (lexicon) in the Protocol column shows there are other objects in this wiki using this name.

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Protocol Short for Description Ports Standards
APIPA Automatic Private Internet Protocol Addressing Method to acquire a Link-Local IPv4 address RFC-3927, MS-APIPA
ARP Address Resolution Protocol Lookup the MAC address of an IPv4 address RFC-826
AURA AVM USB Remote Architecture Network protocol for remote USB usage 2066-tcp Proprietary
CardDAV vCard Extensions to WebDAV Extension to the WebDAV protocol to synchronize contact data 80-tcp, 443-tcp RFC-6352
DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Automatic configuration of a network interface 67-udp, 68-udp, 547-udp, 546-udp RFC-2131
DNS Domain Name System Lookup the IP address(es) of a host name 53-udp, 53-tcp RFC-1034, RFC-1035
FTP File Transfer Protocol Older protocol to transfer files 20-tcp, 21-tcp RFC-354, RFC-959
FTPS File Transfer Protocol over SSL / TLS Secure file transfer, succesor of FTP 20-tcp, 21-tcp RFC-4217, RFC-8446
HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol Protocol to serve hypertext in the WWW 80-tcp RFC-2616, RFC-9113, RFC-9114
HTTPS (lexicon) Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure Secure variant and succeessor of HTTP 443-tcp RFC-2818
IMF Internet Message Format Early ASCII based message format for Email RFC-5322
IP Internet Protocol Base protocols for addressing machines in the Internet See IPv4 / IPv6
IPv4 Internet Protocol version 4 Version 4 of the base protocol for addressing machines in the Internet RFC-791
LLC Logical Link Control Interface between the MAC sublayer and the link layer IEEE-802.2
MAC Media Access Control Interface between the LLC sublayer and the network hardware
MIB Management Information Base Database of SNMP or OMCI accessible configuration and status objects RFC-1213, RFC-4131, RFC-4546, RFC-2786, RFC-2790, RFC-2863, RFC-2933, RFC-3083, RFC-3411, RFC-3412, RFC-3413, RFC-3414, RFC-3415, RFC-3418, RFC-3584, RFC-3635, RFC-4001, RFC-4022, RFC-4113, RFC-4188, RFC-4293, RFC-4323, RFC-4639, RFC-1155, RFC-1157
MIME Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions Protocol extension defining media type and character encoding RFC-2045, RFC-2046, RFC-2047, RFC-2049, RFC-4288, RFC-4289
MQTT Message Queueing Telemetry Transport Messaging protocol for IoT devices. MQTT-SN, ISO/IEC-20922
NFS Network File System Protocol to access remote filesystems. 111-udp, 111-tcp, 2049-tcp RFC-1094, RFC-1813, RFC-3530, RFC-7530
NTP Network Time Protocol Synchronize and distribute the system time 123-udp RFC-1305, RFC-5905
NetBIOS Network Basic Input/Output System over TCP/IP Name service and communication protocol 137-udp, 137-tcp, 138-udp, 139-tcp RFC-1001, RFC-1002
OAuth Open Authorization 2 protocols to simplify authorization OAuth-2.0, RFC-6749, RFC-6750
OID Object IDentifier Numerical addressing scheme to locate an object in a tree RFC-3061
OMCI ONT Management and Control Interface Remote configuration and monitoring protocol for PON ITU-T-REC-G.984.4
OSI Open Systems Interconnection model 7-layer model describing the theory of Network-Protocols ISO/IEC-7498-1, ISO/IEC-7498-2, ISO/IEC-7498-3, ISO/IEC-7498-4
OUI Organizationally Unique Identifier 24-bit half of a MAC address which identifies the registering Company RFC-7042
POP3 Post Office Protocol version 3 Protocol for retrieving Email 110-tcp RFC-1939
POP3S Post Office Protocol version 3, Secure Protocol for retrieving Email 995-tcp RFC-1939, RFC-8314
RARP Reverse Address Resolution Protocol Lookup the IPv4 address of a MAC address (obsolete) RFC-903
RTP Real-time Transport Protocol Deliver audio or video over an IP network, ie. for VoIP 7078-7109-udp RFC-3550
SAT-IP Satellite DVB over IP Protocol suite to deliver DVB over an IP network 554-tcp SES SAT>IP spec.
SFTP SSH / Secure File Transfer Protocol Secure file transfer using SSH 22-tcp draft-ietf-secsh-filexfer, RFC-4251, RFC-4253, RFC-4254
SIP Session Initiation Protocol Initiate an IP communication session, ie. dial for VoIP 5060-udp, 5060-tcp RFC-3261
SMB Server Message Block Protocol for sharing files and printers 137-udp, 138-udp, 139-tcp, 445-tcp RFC-1001, RFC-1002, Proprietary
SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Protocol for sending Email 25-tcp RFC-5321, RFC-4954
SMTPS Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, Secure Secure protocol for sending Email 465-tcp RFC-5321, RFC-8314
SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol Remote configuration and monitoring protocol 161-udp, 162-udp RFC-3411, RFC-3412, RFC-3413, RFC-3414, RFC-3415, RFC-3416, RFC-3417, RFC-3418
SNTP Simple Network Time Protocol Synchronize and distribute the system time (simplified) 123-udp RFC-5905, RFC-4330
SOAP Simple Object Access Protocol (formerly) XML based messaging protocol W3C-SOAP-1.2
SRTP Secure Real-time Transport Protocol Secure delivery of audio or video over an IP network, ie. for VoIP 7078-7109-udp RFC-3711
SSDP Simple Service Discovery Protocol UPnP discovery protocol 1900-udp UPnP-DeviceArchitecture, ms-ssdp
SSH Secure Shell Secure remote shell protocol, replaces Telnet 22-tcp RFC-4251, RFC-4253, RFC-4254
SSL Secure Sockets Layer Deprecated predecessor of TLS RFC-6101, RFC-6176, RFC-7568
TCP-IP Internet protocol suite 4-layer model describing a collection of Network-Protocols RFC-1122
TFTP Trivial File Transfer Protocol Very simple protocol to transfer files 69-udp RFC-783, RFC-1350
TLD Top-Level Domain Highest element in the hierarchy of DNS host name resolution. RFC-1591, Root Zone Database, ISO-3166-1 alpha-2
TLS Transport Layer Security Crypto protocol to provide secure communication RFC-2246, RFC-4346, RFC-5246, RFC-8446
TOD Time of Day / Time Protocol Protocol for time synchronisation 37-udp, 37-tcp RFC-868
Telnet Teletype Network Older remote shell protocol 23-tcp RFC-15, RFC-854, RFC-855
TinyFTP Tiny FTP FTP alike protocol and software by Texas Instruments 21-tcp Proprietary
WPAD Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Protocol Automatically acquire HTTP Proxy settings draft-ietf-wrec-wpad
WebDAV Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning HTTP(S) extension to make the web writable 80-tcp, 443-tcp RFC-4918
52 network protocols

Packet, Datagram, Frame, Subdomain, Domain, TLD

NDP, SCPD, UDP (lexicon), TCP (lexicon), IPv6, RTCP, SRTCP


TR-064, TR-069, TR-369, USP