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Internationalisation (short I18N) makes a product usable in multiple Countries or Regions. This covers different Languages and Charsets, country specific Locales and settings, Timezones, etc. This section will collect articles about I18N, references to Wikipedia pages, possible official standards and how each term affects or is used in FRITZ!OS.


The label (lexicon) in the Term column shows there are other objects in this wiki using this name.

Term Short for Description Standards
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange American standard 7-bit Charset RFC-20
Annex (lexicon) ADSL Annex Band plan for sharing Telephony and DSL or improved uplink ITU-T G.922-3, ITU-T G.922-1
Branding Firmware Branding Customisation of a Firmware for an ISP
CP-437 Code Page 437 DOS-Latin-US MS-DOS 8-bit Charset for USA
CP-850 Code Page 850 DOS-Latin-1 MS-DOS 8-bit Charset for Western Europe
CP-852 Code Page 852 DOS-Latin-2 MS-DOS 8-bit Charset for Central Europe
Calendar Calendar System to organize days, weeks and months in a year ISO-8601
Character Character Smallest printable or non printable item of a text
Charset Character set Table mapping numerical values to Characters RFC-2978
Country (lexicon) Nation with own rules Nation which occupies a geographical territory ITU-T E.123
DST Daylight Saving Time Optional 1-hour shifted Timezone during summer
Epoch Epoch Base point in time for a Timestamp counter
IRM International Reference Meridian Reference meridian for UTC and all Timezones
ISO-8859 ISO / IEC 8859 Collection of 15 standardized 8-bit Charsets ISO/IEC-8859
ISO-8859-1 ISO / IEC 8859 Part 1 ISO-Latin-1 8-bit Charset for Western Europe ISO/IEC-8859-1
ISO-8859-15 ISO / IEC 8859 Part 15 ISO-Latin-9 8-bit Charset for Western Europe ISO/IEC-8859-15
ISO-8859-2 ISO / IEC 8859 Part 2 ISO-Latin-2 8-bit Charset for Central Europe ISO/IEC-8859-2
Language (lexicon) Spoken or written Language System for communication between humans. ISO-639-1
Leap-Second Leap Second Occasional 1-second correction of the UTC
Leap-Year Leap Year Year which adds an extra day to the Calendar
Locale Locale Language, Country and Charset adaption system in the Linux-Environment. POSIX.1, IEEE-1003.1
NLS Native Language Support Charset conversion in Linux-Filesystems
Timestamp Time stamp Recording of a point in time RFC-3339, ISO-8601
Timezone Time zone Offset of the official time of a Country or Region to the UTC.
UTC Universal Time, Coordinated Reference time and base of all Timezones ITU-R TF.460-6
UTF-8 Unicode Transformation Format 8-bit Unicode variable-width 8-bit Charset RFC-3629, ISO/IEC-10646
Unicode Universal Coded Character Set Collection of all Characters of all Languages ISO/IEC-10646
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