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This section will collect information about all kinds of technologies to access and use the Internet, references to Wikipedia pages, possible official standards and how each term affects or is used in FRITZ!OS.


The label (lexicon) in the Term column shows there are other objects in this wiki using this name.

Term Short for Description Standards
Builtin-Modems LTE / 5G Builtin Modems Builtin mobile modems used in FRITZ!Box LTE / 5G models
Email (lexicon) Electronic Mail Collection of protocols for exchanging messages in the Internet Various
Google-Calendar Google Calendar Free online scheduling Calendar by Google
Google-Contacts Google Contacts Free Online-Phonebook and address book by Google
Play-Music Google Play Music Free music hosting and streaming service by Google (closed)
T-Cloud Telekom Cloud Commercial Cloud space by the german ISP Telekom
WAN-Speed WAN routing speed Routing perfomance when using an external Modem
Webmail Web-based Electronic Mail HTTP / HTTPS access to an Email account
8 internet terms

DSL LTE 5G DOCSIS Fiber I-Cloud TMC-Hicloud Strato-Hicloud

1&1-Mail GMX-Mail Webde-Mail

WAN-Speed Mobile-Modems