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An Octet is an ordered collection of 8 bits, which equals an 8-bit Byte, regardless of the numerical system representing it.

This term is used in many standards, especially for Network-Protocols, to represent an 8-bit value.


In France, French Canada and Romania, octet is used in common language instead of (an 8-bit) Byte.

In very early days of computers the term Byte was used for storage width other than 8-bit.
Today IEC 60027-2 (1999) clearly defines a Byte to be an octet of bits.

In very early days of the chmod command each octal number of a numerical permission was erraneously called an octet.
This happened due to the 8 possible values a 3-bit octal number could represent, and was stopped long ago to avoid confusion.

In short: Today a Byte equals an Octet, all confusion is far history. But do not confuse a Character with both.


An IPv4 address is defined to consist of 4 octets, which are commonly written dotted decimal (0-255 each octet).

The MIME type for binary data is Content-Type: application/octet-stream.
The Content-Length: in MIME headers is specified in octets = 8-bit Bytes.


FRITZ!OS only uses this term in the french language Webinterface to represent a Byte.


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