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APPSBL is the Application Secondary Bootloader partition. It contains the first instance of the EVA bootloader.
The label of this partition is originally named 0:APPSBL, which is an invalid article name in Mediawiki.

APPSBL is stored in 2 instances and is loaded by the SBL and executed in the normal world.
The size and location differ each platform, see below.

The APPSBL partitions are updated by urladerupdate, but not the entire partitions, just the leading static part of EVA.
Normally EVA contains an embedded config section which varies across unique devices. This would break the signature.
That's why EVA has a signed static part on APPSBL partitions excluding the unique config at the end of each partition.

Multi-EVA boot on Qualcomm ARM: (Hawkeye, Dakota, Maple)


On Hawkeye both 512 KB sized APPSBL partitons are located on the eMMC, the second instance is named APPSBL_1.

See the SBL article for the partition table.


On Dakota both *hidden* 256 KB sized APPSBL partitons are located in mtd2, the second instance is named APPSBL_B.

See the SBL article for the partition table.

me@home:~/bin$ binwalk 7520_eva1.bin


0 0x0 ELF, 32-bit LSB executable, ARM, version 1 (SYSV) 80312 0x139B8 device tree image (dtb) 105248 0x19B20 CRC32 polynomial table, little endian 110610 0x1B012 PARity archive data - file number 25938 117561 0x1CB39 Copyright string: "Copyright 2018 AVM Date: %s Time: %s " 126740 0x1EF14 JFFS2 filesystem, little endian 245764 0x3C004 Zlib compressed data, default compression 247812 0x3C804 Zlib compressed data, default compression 251908 0x3D804 gzip compressed data, maximum compression, has original file name: "cert.tar", from FAT filesystem (MS-DOS, OS/2, NT), last modified: 2019-07-24 22:21:03


Daily updated index of all dependencies of this partition. Last update: GMT.
A * in the Mod column marks info from Supportdata-Probes, which will always stay incomplete.
A ** in the Mod column marks info from Supportdata2 probes, which by their nature will stay way more incomplete.
A - in the Mod column marks manual research, the Firmware then shows where the item occurs, not the Relation.

Relation Typ Object Mod Firmware Info Origin
0 dependencies for this partition


Daily updated index of the presence, path and size of this partition for each model. Last update: 2024-05-23 06:28 GMT.
Showing all models using this partition. Click any column header (click-wait-click) to sort the list by the respective data.
The (main/scrpn/boot/arm/prx/atom) label in the Model column shows which CPU is meant for models with multiple Linux instances.
Note that this list comes from Supportdata-Probes, which can have arbitrary settings and come from different firmware versions.
It doesn't say much if a model is not listed here. It may be a missing supportdata file or just a disabled feature.

Missing Supportdata

The data in this article is incomplete due to missing Supportdata-Probes for the models listed below.
If you own any of these models and would like to help then please get in touch.


Information is currently being retrieved from the backend.


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